Mystery of the Missing Photo Editing Software

Last week I uploaded my photos from Ithaca, the GreenStar food Co-op, and other food in general… only to discover my photo editing software completely disappeared from my computer and I’m kind of stuck with oversize files that WordPress doesn’t like.

I’m trying to figure it out (and by that I mean use my Harriet the Spy sleuth powers to try and find it? Where did it GO!?).

In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions for Mac compatible software that isn’t like 45 million dollars, please let me know. Sheesh!

***Funny note: At first I typed “Harriest the Spy”. But if you’ve ever seen my hair, you will agree that’s probably accurate.

16 thoughts on “Mystery of the Missing Photo Editing Software

  1. Oh no! I visited Ithaca for the first time recently, but it was only for a few hours, so I really look forward to hearing more about what I likely missed! Have you ever tried Lightroom or Aperture?

    • Holy cow, you guys are amazing. These are prob much better than whatever version of photoshop I had, because even then I only knew how to crap, resize, and adjust some color. D’oh. THANK YOU!!

  2. I see this thread is old however recently I discovered missing photoediting nsoftware on my xp pro desktop as well. All of the Olympus software, like 5 didfferent items, and also HP software, about 3-4 items, not even sure yet what else but I did nothing to cause this I was sick cin bed! I have never diiscovered why these things happen and I am runnng KIS 2012 IS which picked up nada…I dont have a mac and need to print out some 13 by 19 photos for somone ASAP. I went ot HPp site but there were only updates. I wen tot Add remove and some of the softwre like HP was lstsed with o that means it was here but is not now…nothing listed for Plympus at all..very wacky. Any ideas?

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