This is a really simple way of making a would-be fruit salad a little more pulled together and interactive!

It’s like buying your fruit salad a new dress, giving it some dangly earrings and lots of 60’s inspired eyeliner (wink wink), and sending it out as a more glamorous version of it’s usual self.


  • long slices of mango
  • long slices of strawberries
  • herb of choice (cilantro, mint, thai basil)
  • rice paper wrappers/spring roll wrappers
  • coconut milk
  • 1 lime
Begin with a pack of dry rice paper wrappers.
Fill a LARGE container (enough to submerge the wrappers in without folding them) with hot water from the tap. Water should NOT be boiling, just very hot. Place wrappers in the water, one at time (but you can soak more than one at once) in the water for a few minutes, until softened.
Cut your fruit (or whatever ingredients you are using) into long, skinny strips. *I used cilantro as that’s what I had on hand, but mint or thai basil would be delicious!
Take a soft wrapper out of the water and put on a flat surface. Put the ingredients close to one end, fold the wrapper ends around them, and roll until you have a nice roll!
You can dip them in the coconut milk (sweeten with some agave or brown rice syrup if you want it sweeter), and grate some lime zest on top for color and flavor. Serve with lime wedges for extra flavor!

Very nice with some refreshing herbal mint sun tea!

BONUS: These wrappers are so thin, the food inside will show through! Put some sliced berries just under the last “layer” of wrapper for a really BEAUTIFUL presentation!

Prettiest plate at the picnic!

That will surely cheer you up when it’s almost 100 degrees outside!

5 thoughts on “STRAWBERRY MANGO SPRING ROLLS: It’s Too Hot to Cook

  1. Wow, SUCH a good idea for the in-season strawberries. I was thinking about a healthier strawberry recipe. I didn’t want to default to the traditional strawberry shortcake recipe this year, with all the added sugar and a bowl-full of extra creamy whipped topping.

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