LUNCH IMPROV: Rainbow Salad

Once again, this is a thrown-together recipe that stemmed from wanting to make a healthy, satisfying lunch/dinner without having to go to the store. Added bonus: it looked beautiful!

Anyone with insight on health and nutrition will tell you, one of the best ways to get all your vitamins and minerals is by eating a variety of foods. If you can “eat a rainbow”, you’re taking in all the nutritional goodies from a huge variety of resources. This salad fits the bill perfectly!

I just continued to pull veggies out of the fridge until I couldn’t fit any more in the bowl, and the results were delicious.

RAINBOW SALAD:  Mixed greens; diced red pepper; purple cabbage; shaved carrots; sliced avocado; marinated baked tofu; curried green lentils; toasted sesame seeds and green onion as garnish

Veggies in the rainbow salad.

DRESSING: (I don’t remember exactly, but it included…) Plain almond milk yogurt; white miso; fresh lemon juice; dash of hot sauce; a little agave nectar; fresh garlic cloves

Perfect summer lunch in the yard!


Earlier in the day, I passed a car in the parking lot with this license plate. Thank you for the insight, minivan!

Settle down, anxiety, read this.


For the next month, Barnes and Noble bookstores across the country have a VEGAN COOKING table! The store I went to last week had it placed to be seen right as you walk in the front doors, too! (I try to imagine walking into a store and seeing one of my books on a table like this. Published authors, how does that feel?)

Well, okay, now I'm hungry.

5 thoughts on “LUNCH IMPROV: Rainbow Salad

  1. your salad looks delicious! i love salads that have a huge variety of vegetables, legumes, and nuts!

    i love that b&n have a vegan cookbook table, but i have to say, that is one small table!

    • It’s a small table BUT the fact that the company is making it it’s OWN thing, in all stores across the country, it pretty cool. They have also been including vegan cookbooks in all other cooking tables (the “New Year Diet” table they do every January had about 20% vegan books on it this year, really impressive!). They have also started to separate the “vegan” cookbooks from “vegetarian” cookbooks on the regular shelves, and there’s a ton, so hopefully people will get interested and go check out the rest of ’em. 🙂

    • I LOVE when I see people looking at cookbooks like this and try to come up with new and inventive ways to start conversations with them without being a stalking creep.

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