LIFE IS GOOD: Guest Post by Yvonne

This came to me about two weeks ago from a lovely lady I just got to know better in recent months. Yvonne is an amazing woman that devotes any time she can to supporting and promoting what she believes in, be it a business, band, organization, etc… and loves doing it with her whole heart. For example, she books shows, will provide an out of town band with a place to stay, make sure they get homecooked food, promote their show to no end, and then sort of shrug and say “I just like doing it”. 

Yvonne put this online for her friends to read, and I loved it and asked if I could repost it here. Reprinted with Permission.

–    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –   –    –   –

a year ago, i was in whitehall living in a fancy apt complex. i had a washer, a dryer, a dishwasher and a patio. there was a clubhouse with a pool and a gym. my silver chrysler voyager didn’t have a scratch on it. i was working full time, raising my children and still dealing with the decision to leave their father. i walked into a place and was invisible. i was sad.

today, i live in a run down apt with drafty windows and it rains in my living room at least once a week. (my upstairs neighbors don’t know how to use a damn shower.) there’s construction in the lot in front of my building and it shakes and rattles my tiny home. my van is officially a “hooptie” now- dented on all sides, rusted, busted windshield and the tape deck is broken. my job moved me to nights and i have to stay up with my kids all day.

but i’m not sad anymore.

and even though i beat myself up and ask a lot of questions, i’m confident and strong. my children are taken care of, my job is done when i punch out every morning, my car is paid off and even though its noisy and drippy sometimes, my home is clean and cozy. i help the people and movements that are important to me- that have helped me. i’ve made friends. i walk into a place and am greeted with hugs and smiles.

i did it.

and i’m proud of the friends that i’ve made. even though it wasnt that long ago, i remember hearing about KIDS (“KIDS” is a band) when it was just an idea in bear’s mind. i remember the first time i met him and he showed me that david de la hoz video with dan smith in it. since then, i’ve started booking shows and i havent fucked up yet. kids has formed, toured and put a tape out. they get love all over. its been amazing to have grown in my own way alongside such good guys. and now, i’m even booking dan smith!

 this might be hard to follow because i tend to ramble and say a million things at once but hopefully you can see the paralells here and how everything comes around full circle. and maybe you’ll be able to sense the pride that i feel in having the courage to live my life the way i want. also, i’m so fucking grateful to the people i’ve met who have been encouraging, supportive and had my back through it all.


–    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –     –

Yvonne, thanks for the reminder that we all have so much more than we think and we can make our own lives and our own happiness.

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