Belated Mother’s Day: Three Generations Get Sandwiches

My mother and I went to Doylestown, PA this Saturday to visit my grandmother and spend some quality time together since we didn’t get to see each other on Mother’s Day. My Mom is, and has always been, my biggest supporter. (As the mother of an only child, she has always said “I guess I did it right the first time!”)

My Gram could be Betty White’s sister in terms of personality, even though she always get’s stopped by people to be told she looks like Barbara Bush. (For the record, she is not a fan of the Bush family, and I an empathize because people say I remind them of Sarah Palin. We should tour together.)

BONUS: Hilarious video of my Gram in all of her glory below!

Here’s how we spent part of our day, including getting lunch at a great little lunch spot with excellent sandwiches:

My mom got to my place and brought these lovely lilacs from her yard at home in Wilkes Barre, PA. We have always had lilacs at every house we lived in while I was growing up. They smell wonderful and make me nostalgic.

My mom got a new car that looks like an avocado – I’m jealous, it’s so cute! It also has this compartment that holds drinks and is REFRIGERATED. Fascinating.

VIDEO! Gram tries, and fails, to buckle herself into the back seat. This is a little snippet of what spending a day with her is like.

In downtown Doylestown we went to lunch at a place called Lilly’s.ย ย Super-cute inside, everything made with fresh quality ingredients, amazing unlimited fresh brewed unsweetened tea, and hearty sandwiches.

I got one called the Andrew Wyeth, which was a homemade vegan burger topped with zucchini, artichoke, greens, tomato and a white bean spread on pumpkin seed bread.

It took Gram a while to decide what to get. It’s okay because she dressed like a sea captain. Ahoy!ย 

Fact: Several years ago she decided she would only wear striped shirts so if she spills something on herself it won’t be as noticeable. Very clever.

Walking to the car I found this happy sidewalk chalk graffiti. YAY! indeed.

We took Gram grocery shopping. It lasted over… two… hours… To keep myself occupied, I found amusement in weird food. Behold: Lunch meat ends. Blarrrggg.

It was great getting to see two ladies, and without both of them I wouldn’t be here! I love you both so very much, thanks for the great day.

When I got home my stomach hurt from laughing.

4 thoughts on “Belated Mother’s Day: Three Generations Get Sandwiches

  1. My Dearest Jamie, aka Treebark, I read your posts all the time! And I must say I love them! Thank you for sharing a visit with Mom and Gram, You brought back soooo many good memories with me, my Mom and Grandma and also many memories with my Mom and Karen and I. So many lovely memories! You and Karen are both spoiled rotten only children (But it is the best of spoiled rotten!) I am so glad that the two of you crossed paths. I will always remember my attempt at vegan Macaroni and Cheese ~ largest Fail ever! and roasting vegan marshmallows! Please keep sharing so an old lady can smile every once in a while. Please give my Love to your Mom and Rich. and tell Ryan I said he better be good to you! Love and kisses Mommy Mary K

    • Mary K, aka “Mom” – WOW I hope we can cross paths again soon! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. We sure did have a lot of fun. I can tell you one thing, I know NEVER to buy vanilla soymilk unless I’m making dessert. Bless your heart for caring so much and trying ๐Ÿ™‚ Karen told me about Covered Bridge Week this year…. PLEASE keep me posted. I get to make my own schedule now pretty much, so there should be no reason I can’t go! It’ll be great to see you! I will pass along the words to everyone, too. And Ryan is sincerely the best man I’ve ever known – every day I feel like a lucky duck, and I know he feels the same about me which is SUPER awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you and I love you too!

  2. It was such a GREAT 3-generation day!! I have so much fun with you and gram…and yes…I see you sooooo much in her!!! Must be weird to see yourself 59 years in the future! Love you both more than words can say!


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