24 HOURS, 2 MEALS: Includes One of My Favorite Breakfasts!

Without sounding whiny and for the purposes of this post, I’ll tell you that yesterday I spent the day in the ER at the local hospital. (Originally thought it was my appendix – it’s not! However, after about 6 tests, they don’t know what it is… hmmm. If it turns out I’m allergic to soy or something, I admit I may throw a temper tantrum.)

I went in as soon as I woke up, on an empty stomach (dumb move!). By the afternoon, my hunger was almost worse than the abdominal pain that took me there. After being told I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything (how am I supposed to fill that little cup without a beverage first, people?!), I accepted defeat.

Then by 4pm the nurses switched shifts, and I befriended the new one helping me. To my happy surprise, she cruised around a corner at lightning speed, dropping a plate of saltines on my bed. FINALLY!!! Breakfast/lunch/dinner was served!

Meal 1: Styrofoam plate of individually packaged crackers. Twelve crackers in total.

I got home, slept a billion hours, and woke up today ready to get back to cooking! And I was lucky enough to start the day off right, with one of my all time favorite breakfasts ever. It’s so simple I wouldn’t even call it a “recipe”, rather an assembly of a few ingredients.

Behold: The avocado and tomato open-faced sandwich! 

Meal 2: Avocado and Tomato Sandwich! WINNER!!!!


  • two slices of a good, bakery bread (egg and dairy free!); today I used marble rye, mmm!
  • Earth Balance (like butter) or Vegenaise (like mayo) for the condiment
  • tomato, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 avocado, cut into 7 or 8 thin slices
  • sea salt
  • fresh chopped cilantro (optional; I love this stuff!)
  • fresh lime for garnish
Toast the bread if you’d like, or eat it untoasted. Spread Earth Balance or Vegenaise on each slice. Layer on the tomato and avocado slices. Sprinkle sea salt on top, and fresh cilantro (if using). Serve with wedges of fresh lime so you can squeeze the juice on top before you eat!
*Citrus juice, from a lime for example, keeps avocados from turning brown.

The sandwich is made all the better when you get to eat it outside on a gorgeous day with bunnies hopping around the yard. They are frolicking as I type this. FROLICKING!

9 thoughts on “24 HOURS, 2 MEALS: Includes One of My Favorite Breakfasts!

  1. I am crossing my fingers that it’s not soy allergy for your sake! Hopefully it was just a one time thing 🙂

    • That woud be the WORST! It’s never happened before and has now been consistent for an entire week, and ranges from “annoying but bearable” to doubled over crying. We know what it’s NOT, but don’t know what it is. I get to see a specialist doctor. Waahoo!

      It’s fun to hear them say things like “It could be from eating a lot of high fat, high cholesterol foods, like fast food burgers and stuff.” Um. No, no it’s not that. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better today! Hopefully they find out what it is soon. Otherwise, that looks really good – I’ve been looking for a breakfast alternative. It would go great with our homegrown tomatoes in August. 😀

  3. ugh…i hate when they give you the ‘we cant figure out what it is even after all these tests’. ive had that way too many times. i hope the pain just goes away and you wont have to worry about it ever again. fingers crossed.

  4. Pain is no good!!! And doctors suck (sorry!). I would try an elimination diet if you think it might be dietary related, because it could be anything! Gluten is a big contender, what you’re going through sounds like what my friend lived with for over 10 years before her fertility doctor decided to test for gluten intolerance. GI effects can also occur with onion/garlic intolerances, as I have experienced, and it is obvious any other problem foods probably do the same thing to us. Just have to figure out which one it is!

  5. I think you would be OK if you had a food allergy. Allergy sufferers have to learn how to cook for themselves creatively, and you’ve already demonstrated that you’re quite capable of that! You could definitely work around a dietary roadblock and still make killer meals. It just wouldn’t be a big problem.

    But anyway, it is probably just some bug that is temporary. The docs will figure things out – give ’em time to work their magic. Good luck!

    • Hey, thanks! I’ve been omitted and reintroducing foods for the past week and nothing seems to be triggering it, so hopefully the food allergy can be ruled out. I really appreciate your nice words! I’ve seen some other vegan blogs turn into “vegan-and-XXXXX-free” blogs, and you’re right, it really pushes people to just expand their knowledge and palates even more.

      Thanks again! And, I don’t know if your email address is real (I’m assuming no?), but that’s hilarous. 🙂

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