MENU FOODS: Baked Chick-Un

I was experimenting this weekend with new ingredients and textures, and this was one of the best outcomes! I’m so happy to introduce this to the Save the Kales menu.

You can order food from me now, I’ll deliver and everything!

This is a basic baked chick-un, 100% vegan, that tastes great with your favorite BBQ sauce, hot sauce, honey mustard (I recommend agave mustard), etc… This is baked, not friend, though you can fry it – try a little pan fry with some Earth Balance, bake it, or use a microwave if you’re in a hurry! It holds up.

I will continue to explore flavors and variations, but I’m really excited about this! It’s seriously SO GOOD. *Note this would not be appropriate for people with gluten intolerance or celiac.

ORDER: 5 pieces for $10.00; 10 pieces for $18.00

I am happy to provide sauces for you for an extra $1.00 or $2.00, half or whole order.

Baked Chick-un by Save the Kales!

I can also make this into smaller pieces which would be great as an appetizer while watching football. Wait is it baseball season now?

Here are  smaller pieces covered in buffalo wing sauce and agave-mustard sauce, respectively. Prices match the above listed prices for a half order or full order.

Both of these flavors are from only one HALF ORDER of Baked Chick-un pieces; buffalo wing sauce and agave-mustard sauce, by Save the Kales!

I also plan to make this a part of the bagged lunch menu I’m currently working on.

If you live locally and are sick of ordering pizza and chinese food on your lunch break or for dinner, you can order a Save the Kales! bagged lunch instead! I’m aiming to keep costs of these lunches between $5-$10. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “MENU FOODS: Baked Chick-Un

  1. The meal delivery system is GENIUS! It’s a great way to try a vegan diet and discover how tasty it is (every recipe you describe on this site sounds absolutely delicious!). Plus, it takes a lot of effort to try an entirely new way of eating – especially when you’re intimidated by the whole process. Shopping for ingredients you’ve never heard of before – searching up and down the aisles and back again trying to locate these items, spending money on foods you’re not sure you’ll like or adapt to, as well as learning to cook them – with those ingredients you’ve never used before. It’s overwhelming.

    Now, for a very reasonable price, we can all try this way of eating without making financial and time commitments right off the bat. If I had the money, I’d order enough food for a week or two – to see how I felt when my body adjusted to eating this way. I imagine I’d feel better than I ever have before. Also, I could learn about the ingredients along the way and how to use them in different recipes – making it easier to shop for them and cook them myself.

    You are FULL of great ideas, Miss Jaime!

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