YOU ARE NISE: Small Connections, Big Feelings

$23 from ShirtsManata, via Etsy

While I understand the safety precautions in the saying “Don’t talk to strangers”, it’s a rule I try to break every day. Even if it’s something as simple as complimenting someone on their earrings, I do believe it can set in motion a shift that begins with  a positive feeling and can extend to carrying those feelings through passing kindness along to others. It’s a ripple effect and everyone wins. It can be disarming and help everyone involved connect to the moment. I think compliments can be practices in mindfulness, or “being here now” in the present moment.

I work part time at a bookstore which satisfies not only my need for health insurance, but indulges my utter book lust and love of talking to and meeting people. Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of helping a nice young lady, maybe nine years old, collect her books for what was sure to be an exciting evening of reading (no sarcasm here!).

As I was chatting with her, she pulled out a tiny notepad and began scribbling something down. Then she tore out the page, slid it across the counter to me, and smiled a big toothy grin.

It was like the (non)Grinch Stole Christmas as my heart swelled in size and I yelped “Is this for me!?” She nodded yes. I asked for her name, told her mine, and said that her note was the BEST part of my whole day and I was going to put it on my fridge so I can see it every day.

This small, simple act was so selfless. So easy.

We can all do similar things every day to remind us of the connections we have to each other. The most sincere Thank You to Hailey, wherever she is, for putting out friendliness and love with her random act of kindness.

8 thoughts on “YOU ARE NISE: Small Connections, Big Feelings

  1. Cute. Man, I would have to hold back the urge to not correct her spelling though. Would that be mean? I mean, I’d still be flattered and all, but, I’d just be promoting good spelling.

    • I love it too, I was all teary and emotional. I still am when I look at it. One of the best things in the world is giving selflessly – not to be recognized, or to get back, or be told you are a good person… just because. So awesome.

      This doesn’t help the fact that my biological clock is FREAKING OUT lately and poor Ryan has to put with me making a million comments a day about havin’ kids. Geez louise. But they are awesome and this proves it.

    • Ohhh maybe! I have a billion meetings and them I’m going away for the weekend, but… let me know! If you end up wandering around First Friday, let’s make plans to run into each other.

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