Week of Random: Busy Transitional Times and Funny Things

We Mad Men-ed it in this conference room with a crazy painting of the Steelmills in the background.

I just got back from meeting with the head chef and head of food services for the soon-to-be-open SteelStacks where we just talked  about delicious food for an hour. Let it be known, these guys are very personable and have a genuine, sincere interest in ways to provide veg-options at the venue. I don’t want to say too much since nothing is set in stone, but some things discussed may have been: vegan buffalo wings (!!!!), the ability to substitute tofu instead of meat in as many dishes as possible, and what it would take to buy Daiya wholesale.

And it’s possible the days of planning pilgrimages to Philly for vegan cheesesteaks may become a thing of the past. Cross your fingers.

Thursday was fun, tiring and busy as Meghan of Lehigh Valley Style and photographer Olaf came by to interview me and take    photos of my food! I cleaned and prepared like a madwoman, and in the end only about a 2×3 cube of counter space is going to make it into the photos, but I know they will be beautiful! Everyone was so kind and funny and we hugged as they departed. I wonder if Tyra would say my food is “fierce”.

I'm too sexy for this olive oil.

This my new camouflage, Pierogi will never find me.

Is that a banana in your pocket?

I’ve been on a scone baking kick lately, and yesterday I made what Ryan dubbed the best thus far – whole wheat scones with lime, coconut and toasted almonds. And you’ll never believe it – there I was in the kitchen, making some tea, singing to the cat and minding my own business when this guy showed up looking all smug.


Don’t you love the way health food stores smell? I found this tea which wins the award for Most Adorable/Appealing-to-Jaime-K Packaging. What would you do all day if YOU were a sachet of tea?

Inanimate objects with arms and legs.

Living with a comedian is fun because you come home from grocery shopping and find lists like this on the kitchen table.

It's funnier if I don't explain it.

This week I hope to have another VegFest meeting – keep the ideas comin! Please don’t be the guy that waits until the day after to criticize everything and brag about how much better it would have been if it had this/didn’t have that, etc… I can’t stress enough that we are encouraging as many people and ideas to be present as possible, so take all the time you may spend passive-aggressively trashing something on the internet and you know, do something! We want your input! We really do.

Until the next (real) post, you can check out the soon-to-be-revamped website that the Chamber of the city put together for VEGFEST thus far. We have an amazing graphic designer working with us who has made a logo and will be doing posters, t-shirts, etc.


5 thoughts on “Week of Random: Busy Transitional Times and Funny Things

    • WHOA. WHOA WHOA WHOA. That looks incredible!!!! I am already trying to convince myself that going to the Veg Summer Fest for 5 days would be for “business” instead of just vacation, but that looks freakin’ awesome!!!!

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