Save the Kales! is undergoing an amazing transition.

This moment marks the beginning of a very exciting shift that has been gaining momentum over the past year. This is a time that risks will be taken and opportunities seized.

I’m so happy you’ll be with me while the transition continues! And once I have my footing more realized, I’m having you all over to my house for the biggest potluck in Pennsylvania. Everyone’s invited. Really, everyone!

More details as everything is put into effect!

(Infinite thank you’s to the people who have offered support and advice. To my beloved friend Alison. business-woman extraordinaire and my biggest cheerleader and visionary. And to Ryan, who reminds me “The only way you could possibly fail is if you didn’t follow your heart and take the risk.“)

Very good story. It's mine and it is yours.

Print $15 by Valentia Design.

4 thoughts on “DO WHAT YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

    • Thank you lovely Tami! (I was just flipping through a cookbook yesterday at the bookstore and in the description the author wrote “When my friend Tami Noyes sampled these….” and I was like ahhh!! Awesome!! Small world!! You are a food superstar!)

  1. sounds exciting! cant wait to hear more! sometimes i feel like our lives are in sync…when something good happens to one of us, it happens to the other, etc. heres to being twinsies. ❤

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