My friend and fellow blogger Andrew made a post today after receiving a negative comment by an anonymous person that stated s/he liked his blog better when he didn’t write as much about his mental illness, that “we are all fucked up”.

I know that blogging has been, for me, something that has surpassed the internet and lead to positive changes in my real life, hitting all points from creativity, supporting a career, becoming directly involved with my community, being an equal partner in the healthiest relationship of my life, meeting more people in the past year than I had in the past several years of my life combined, and so on.

I have also made the decision to be open and truthful about my journey (“life” in general, I suppose) because I found that the honesty of others continues to help and propel me forward when I get stuck. This also means sometimes, thanks to the internet when everything is instant and can remain anonymous, there is sometimes just plain mean ridicule.

I have moved past being personally affected by this, and instead take these instances as constructive criticism to reflect on areas where I may have misinformed or strayed from my intent. Lingering on negativity for the sake of negativity is like drinking poison from a bottomless cup. We are all better than that. I want to learn and move on.

“To turn a blind eye to the human drama that is living, would be to forever remain on the surface of existence and ultimately, end up experiencing no truth in living.

Our stories, mine and yours define the ways we view the world around us.”

I don’t believe any of us are immune to  direct attacks on the decisions we’ve made, the way we choose to live our lives or unfortunately sometimes things we can’t always control, like mental illness. I encourage you to read Andrew’s post that truly makes us REMEMBER that we should continue to live our truths, even in (especially in) the face of adversity.

WHY I AM TELLING MY STORY – By Andrew Kleiner, Remember 02 February 2011

2 thoughts on ““WE ARE ALL ON THE JOURNEY HOME”: Living Your Truth

  1. I wish I could express my thoughts/views/concerns as eloquently as you and Andrew! “Living your truth” speaks VOLUMES. I couldn’t agree more.

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