INSIDE THE LINES: Stencils Aren’t Just for Old Ladies

I’m cleaning and organizing the house (when the fabulous ladies of Lehigh Valley Style are coming over, it can make you a little neurotic – will the humorous irony of the cardboard deer head come across?!).  I really love this house but I want to shake things up in terms of color and texture.

After making an endless list of DIY projects I want to do, I stumbled across some old craft supplies from my design school projects and felt a surge of inspiration!

This is my rolling kitchen cart. I have flanked it next to this folding table on which Ryan made a makeshift tiered bar out of scrap wood and bricks. This created a kitchen island – okay, peninsula – and gives a lot of workspace for me to toss dried spices all over. The back of the cart faces the living room. The black back isn’t horrible, but it’s certainly nothing special.

Time to change that!

I used a flower stencil I found for a dollar at a craft store about 2 years ago. Normally, the thought of stenciling something makes my stomach turn over on itself as I recall so many ivy vines and ugly floral trims. Thankfully with the resurgence of gorgeous modern wallpaper in the past few years, stencils have seen the same update.

Out of sheer luck, I found the stencil two days ago, and tonight I found the remnants of some bright paint and brushes. Since I already had everything on hand, this project was FREE!


And don’t worry about doing this project while you’re by yourself and wondering if your partner will come home and be upset that you’ve painted pink flowers on things, because 1) it’s easy to cover up/change and 2) the Philly Phanatic has a residence on the bookshelf in the living room for all to see, so I don’t want to hear it. (Love you, honey.)

Stencils are really cheap! You can make your own – go HERE for some directions – or find them at a craft store or online.

I used a tube of basic craft paint, it probably cost less than $2 and craft paint comes in a million colors! The brush was a very soft medium-sized paint brush, but you can also buy foam brushes that work well for stenciling. Remember, you want to push the brush into the stencil and “dab” the paint on, NOT paint in long strokes as if you were painting a wall!

Go try your own! I love it, and already have ideas for the fireplace. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “INSIDE THE LINES: Stencils Aren’t Just for Old Ladies

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