She so eloquently sums it up…

“If I profess to be a compassionate person, it doesn’t mean I get to be compassionate only to those I like or who agree with me. It means I strive to be compassionate towards everyone.

That’s the thing about compassion – it’s gotta be equal opportunity or it’s just inauthentic. It’s easy to be compassionate towards like-minded people. The challenge is choosing to have compassion towards those with whom I disagree.”

As per Colleen Patrick Goudreau, super-woman with incredible knowledge and the biggest heart.

This is something I think about all the time, not just in the way of vegetarianism/veganism but in so many aspects. What would happen if, instead of criticizing someone for not knowing, we were happy to teach them something new?

If instead of jumping to conclusions, we asked?

If instead of polarizing each other, we became more considerate?

Instead of taking something as personally insulting (even if that was the intent of the sender), we used it as a constructive way to make an improvement?


  1. I agree, and I feel I try to be compassionate in my everyday life… It’s definitely hard if people are rude to you or trying to bring you down. But it’s not like that all the time and when I’ve been compassionate towards others in any instance it’s turned out rewarding on both sides. I feel it’s apart of who I am.

    • Some situations make compassion easier after the fact (which perhaps negates the point). I think a lot of people can be used to getting defensive and sometimes aggressive because they are often met with those same reactions.

      It’s so true – if you can be kind, more often than not it is returned 🙂

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