Hunting? On Save the Kales? Jaime, have you lost your mind!?

I’m happy to say I did, for a few brief minutes, as I played Sarah Palin last weekend in a sketch for The Associated Mess holiday sketch/improv show, brilliantly titled “Oh Christ!Mess”. The Mess is a super talented improv comedy troupe performing many shows every month at theaters and public and private events.

In 2010, they began to write sketches to incorporate in special holiday-themed shows. I was so honored when after Dustin Yenser wrote the “Palin Shoots Santa” sketch the troupe  unanimously  decided that, despite my not being a member of the troupe,  I should play the part of Sarah Palin. (Thanks in no small part to strangers everywhere telling me I look “exactly like” her, plus an Eastern Pennsylvania accent that sounds midwest/canandian.)

When I swapped out my glasses for her aluminum, rimless styled ones, the transformation was complete. I hope you’ll all forgive me.

Thank you SO MUCH Associated Mess, for many belly laughs and out-of-context quotes I take to work the next day that no one understands.

Cheers to you in 2011!

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