BLACK SUNDAY: Indie Craft Mart and Fun!

WOW, my heart is overflowing with excitement and love from everyone that came by the table this Sunday at the Black Sunday craft mart in Bethlehem. This fun event helped to support a local art/music venue, local crafters, and thus the community. Pat yourselves on the back.
Crystal, receptionist extraordinaire, (wo)manning the Eskandalo! Salon and WINK Magazine table.

Save the Kales! was there, hot pink tablecloth and all, with wintery grain salads, cookies and (gasp!) count ’em THREE KINDS of chocolate truffles. Mint Chocolate were the first to go, followed by ginger + vanilla and the only leftovers I walked away with were a few of the chipotle chocolate truffles. No complains here. Can we try to ALWAYS combine spicy peppers and cocoa, please?
They were, hands down, some of my tastiest treats yet (if I may say so!), and I especially thank my new friend Amy for boosting my ego immensely when she asked if I would ship them to her in another state. YES, when I figure out how that works!
I really needed this weekend. Despite carrying tables and food trays around all day (in heels, of course), that thing happened where I found myself enjoying a tasty Indian food dinner with good company – and we discussed the idea of doing what you can to improve your town instead of complaining about it and then moving somewhere else. One of my favorite topics!
And once again, the indie mart proved that there are plenty of people around who want to be involved in doing things to support art and community. And they did.
Danielle of Boxes by Kansas making pretty handmade boxes for all the neat gifts people were buying.


There was photography! And art prints! And Andy Po’s old tshirts – oh my!

Kyle of Blind Willow Book Shop has the most impressive collection of bound and written word a girl ever laid her pretty little eyes on. Imagine someone with impeccable taste in literature owning a store – poof! Blind Willow exists. Fun side note: Kyle left this event only to find a surprise birthday party waiting for him at home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!

The cutest ladies ever from C2G2 “ReJewelry”. The gals don’t mess around. They make amazing jewelry out of old/found shiny objects and it’s ALL SO BEAUTIFUL and I wanted EVERYTHING and am happy to have walked away with this amazing necklace made of an old metal door hinge (!!!) and a vintage pink brooch thing! YES!


Lovely Loly selling her amazingly glam handmade hair accessories – think feathers and flowers and bows and sparkles!

Chris Reject of Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations (and helps keep up the Secret Art Space so we can do things like this!). He is wearing a handmade Christmas sweater. HANDSOME! Go get some shirts printed!

Alison of Eskandalo! Salon and WINK magazine made these incredible Christmas sweaters. MADE THEM!

… Three kittens in Christmas stockings hanging on  mantle: “Have a Meowy Christmas”.


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