A Way With Words

My hilarious stepdad is a very slow typer – one of those guys who searches the keyboard for each individual letter, making a few sentences take many minutes to execute.

He has recently taken up writing poetry on Facebook. Most of his poems are about the Phillies (an example below), but today I was overjoyed/flattered to see him write one about Save the Kales. I’m sharing that poem with you, copied and pasted exactly as written, grammar errors and all because it’s more adorable that way.

It also helps if you imagine that my stepdad is essentially a guy from the SNL “Superfans” sketch, except someone who likes Philly sports teams.


SAVE THE KALES is a great blog, I hope that you’ll stop by.
Veggie and vegan cooking, Trust me it’s worth a try.
Jaime K runs this blog, and she will answer questions for you.
She’s very good at what she does, and is very pretty too.
So stop by SAVE THE KALES and im sure that you will say.
Im very glad I did stop by, just to meet Jaime K.

If you’re interested in his Phillies poems, here’s just a taste of the one he wrote last week:


The PHILLIES are in it and the Rays are not.
A repeat of 08 is not what we got.
In the playoffs I’ll tell you whats lame,
Hometown fans who won’t say till the end of the game.
The Rays will be at home eating there chili,
watching the series,

Thank you, Rich, for the endless hilarity that comes when you use the internet! I love you!

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