If there is one thing single, solitary thing in the world that every last person alive, dead, and eventually born could use more of – it’s love. And not just romantic love, but the sort of love that is imminent, that exists within and between each of us as humans beings toward ourselves, toward one another.

LOVE is never, ever wrong and while our world is not perfect, every day I do believe we move closer to loving our fellow human beings enough to treat everyone with equality, dignity, and importance.

On this day, let us reflect on the people worldwide and those in our personal lives that have faced opposition because of loving a same-sex partner. (I guarantee there are more people than you realize.) Let us not just empathize with the struggles, but take action to speak up on behalf of them to continue to make the world a more compassionate place.

Let those in the queer community remember that the straight community is full of allies that would do anything they could to support you, so reach out and explain how.

Let the queer community also reject opposition to bisexual and transgendered folks, remembering that everyone is fighting the same fight – to love freely. When you criticize queer people that may not identify specifically as “gay”, you have stopped progress in it’s tracks. Equal rights and respect for all.

Let us – all of us – do what we can to live every day sharing that LOVE with our friends and neighbors, strangers, people like us and people different than us, people we have hurt and people we have helped. Sometimes all it takes is the projection of loving kindness to understand what once seemed hard to comprehend.

A truly open heart doesn’t shut it’s doors to anybody. And better yet, it’s contagious.

Happy Coming Out Day!

Never be afraid to be yourself!