“SPECIAL PAPER FOR PUTTING YOUR FACE ON”: A Log Of Weird Things People Googled to Get to This Blog

For a few months, I have been keeping a list of some of the wackiest stuff people have searched that lead them to this blog. This certainly isn’t everything, but some of the best. I’m not sure what I mean by “best”. Some of this is so weird and I have no clue how the heck it even linked to me! But it’s been entertaining.

Interesting fact: Aside from the obvious “save the kales” search, the most common searches that lead folks here are:

  • domestic pinup girl (this one is awesome!)
  • sexy pinup housewife (oh stop, you flatter me)
  • will eating tofu make me fat
  • cute stuffed animals

Below are some of the crazy ones. I am reposting them here, copied and pasted as typed. (I also plugged them into an image search to provide some visual aids for added fun and hilarity.)

I hope they make you laugh as hard as I did:

1) emo potato dr. oz

2) adorable bulldog puppy

3) im going to f*ck heer sexy diry see thru (Author Note: WHAT!?!?)

4) you usually dont like the things
5) when using dahling
6) stop dumping vegetables instead of making them
7) who is the save the kales girl
8) how can i save kales
9) nerd in love
10) story about “brussels sprouts again”

11) “eating more whole foods” gas

12) you tellem cabbage you got da head
13) wendys eat great even late billboard
14) sexy little sweet childrens (This is horrible!)
15) special paper for putting your face on

… And many mooooooore!


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