You Can Do It! (We Did It!)

Last weekend was the sort of weekend that encourages and supports exactly where you are in life.

I remember meeting with Alison (photographer for WINK Pinup and Magazine, and owner Eskandalo! salon) a few months ago and wanting to plan this cool event for local artists and businesses with an eco-friendly theme. What started with a tote bag became an all-day fun festival with live music, awesome vendors, and community building at the most basic level.

(Thank you so much to Alex for this candid shot of me at my booth! I took pictures of everything but my own table, sheesh!)

The day before I was running around to health food stores and the restaurant supply store for ingredients and take-out containers. I was a woman on a mission, staying up so late on Friday night to make sure my food would taste as delicious as possible.

Once everyone got their booths set up and people came and walked around, my heart felt so full to know that we did this. We created this event, this day. I looked around and saw the smiles on the faces of everyone, friends and neighbors, and it reminded  me just how powerful all of us are in the creation of our own lives.

As for  my food, the biggest compliment came from the people that said “Wow – I have hated tofu every time I tried it, but this is awesome!”, or the people who didn’t believe you could make something decadent without the use of dairy and meat but are now believers! Everyone was so friendly, kind and wonderful. At the end of the day, I had next to nothing left!

That night, I had another dream in which I clearly visualized the future of Save the Kales! A gorgeous restaurant/cafe, a space in the back for cooking classes, an office for nutrition consulting… While I don’t know where I’ll end up, or how my plans will play out, last weekend gave me nudge to keep moving forward with optimism and seizing all opportunities.

The biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who came out that day. It means so much to me, personally, even if I never met you before!

Now that my new house is just about in order, I’m going to pick a date for the next cooking class soon! I hope you’ll attend. Til then, enjoy some photos from the weekend:

Vegan Stuffed Shells with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce (stuffed w/ tofu, walnuts, sage, cranberries, other yummy things)

Vegan Dark Chocolate and Orange Mousse Pie

Meghan and Alex eating pie!

Chris Regec of LVAC, the printer of the awesome WE HEART BETHLEHEM tote bags

“Just hanging out on Southside with my upright bass, no biggie”

Loly leading the mosaic  – so pretty!

Samantha of the Downtown Business Association, and Alison owner of Eskandalo! and WINK Pinup/Magazine

WINK Magazine booth – October issue out in a week and a half!

So many lovely and interesting ladies!

Todd Juknevic’s booth – he made the design for the Bethlehem Bags

Bethlehem is full of attractive people enjoying Slingshot Dakota!

Slingshot Dakota playing (thank you!), Tom P of Bird Apartment printing

Jana and Kelly shopping for glamorous hair accessories

Erin showing off her Bethlehem Star tattoo. That’s love!

I’d give you all a huge hug and smooch if I could, or haven’t already!

9 thoughts on “You Can Do It! (We Did It!)

    • Thanks so saying hello again 🙂
      I have a billion tofu recipes, I’m not sure I can claim a favorite of all time, but I will think about it… Hmm… The stuffed shells were awesome. If I can neatly organize how I made them, I’ll share!

  1. looks like it was a great weekend! I was just there for celtic fest and was almost crying at the lack of veg options.
    please let us know when you’ll have classes again, I would love to take one next time I’m in town. and share the shells recipe, it looks so yummy!

    • While Celtic Fest itself probably doesn’t have a lot of Veg options, the LV in general (and specifically, Bethlehem) has done really well in this department. In literally the last couple of months, a Kenyan restaurant, a Hookah lounge + mediterranean place, and very veg-friendly burrito place all opened within 3 blocks from each other (and my house, lucky!). There is a veg*n place right across the bridge on Southside Beth. The SUPER AMAZING Balasia is reopening next month. Etc etc. Please give a yell before you are in town next and I’ll try to help you out 🙂

  2. Wow, you had quite a spread at your booth for the event! Wish I didn’t have to miss that. I would’ve loved to try those vegan stuffed shells and especially that pie… sounded VERY good! Just looking at the pictures made me hungry. Glad to see that the event went so well for everyone.

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