STK Weekend Tour 2010

And by tour, of course, I mean STK is going to be all over the Lehigh Valley this weekend, serving food and smiles. If you’re in the Lehigh Valley area, stop by!

Saturday is a huge all-day event in downtown Bethlehem. Officially titled “Loop-a-palooza”, Bethlehem’s North and Southsides are throwing a huge celebration. You can buy tickets for $15 that give you all day access to the Loop buses than run between both sides of town, and stop at 10 stops for activities, food, sales, and live music. (Included in that price is a beer mug that you get to cart around town and drink up!)

Go Green Town is one of the stops, and this is a conglomeration of eco-friendly local businesses. We’ll have local designers, silkscreeners, mosaic artists, vintage clothes sales, plus some GREAT, GREAT bands!

I’ll be selling some snacks and treats from a Save the Kales! table, where you can also pick up some the new promotional postcards/recipe cards. (Can I call them collectible? That’s fun. Collect them all! Yay!)

And if you’ve ever said “I love your clothes, where do you get them?”, now is your chance to take some off my hands. I’ll also be selling clothes, shoes, books, etc… so PLEASE stop by!

You can also pick up one of these adorable and sturdy totes, made specifically for the event. Designed by a local artist, printed on recycled canvas by a local silkscreen shop, and supported by Southside Businesses, for only $3 show Bethlehem some love.

Sunday, there’s an event in downtown Allentown for a new local theater company started by some dear friends. I am so proud of them and am honored I get to bring food to share in the celebration. I love these living examples of people that started with an idea and then made it happen. YES!

I can’t wait to see you this weekend!

7 thoughts on “STK Weekend Tour 2010

    • TAMI! Wow, I have been meaning to get a hold of you. I saw the write up on your book in, what was it, VegNews this month? My brain is scattered but I will have to email you and catch up for real. I felt like a proud momma hen when I saw that!!! Congrats on all the awesome exposure 🙂

  1. I wish you the best this weekend… I’m sure you’ll have lots of success with your food and recipe cards. People will be singing your praises!

    • Thank you Jodi! I’m so excited – soooo many people will be at Loop-a-palooza and the Theatre party is going to be a new crowd for me. My boyfriend said to me “Really, Jaime, look how far you’ve come since February” and yeah, it’s true. None of this even existed months ago!

      I’m nerding out about it because I’m too excited to sleep. So tomorrow it will be Save the Kales! food served by a zombie dressed as me, haha.

  2. i know! i would love to come and sell my stuff! if something like this happens again, let me know in advance and i will try to get up there. good luck, you will be awesome! and you need to post pics of your recipe cards!

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