Things I Like Thursdays!

Enjoy this random sampling:

Vegetarian Living UK Magazine – What a gorgeous publication! This magazine is in the realm of VegNews in that it has interviews, product reviews, recipes, and a smattering of other things – but it’s fancier. The photographs are lovely, the products reviewed all have great package design and functionality, and the recipes are simple but fresh. *Note: This is not specifically a VEGAN magazine, some recipes call for eggs and such, but it’s a great chance to practice your substituting skills! Costs $8.99, but worth it.

McDougall Soups – I try to keep a few of these guys in the house at all times. They make a healthy, tasty and quick meal if you’re off to work and don’t have any leftovers to pack. These soups are via Dr. John McDougall (famed doctor, author and advocate of plant-based diets). They are ALL organic and vegan, and come in awesome flavors like Black Bean Lime and “Chicken” Ramen. They are made with natural dehydrated ingredients – no crappy stuff here! Just add water and you have a tasty, healthy, low-fat lunch. And trust me, they are delicious. Approx. $1.79/each.

Lotta Jansdotter’s New Book – She’s done it again.  “Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandanavian Style”, the newest addition to Lotta Jansdotters DIY craft books, is a collection of home decor ideas, flea market finds mixed with modern peices, and of course, how to make your own gorgeous prints. Like most of her books, this one does include stencils to help you make most of the print designs featured in the book, and also recipe cards! This is a great resource to get your mind thinking creatively, and get your home a little more beautiful, too. List price, $29.95 (Amazon has it for $10 off!).

Folding Yoga Mat – If you have to buy exercise equipment that maybe happens to sit in storage too often, it should take up as little precious space as possible, right? I recently discovered this folding yoga mat. This takes care of what happens when you unroll another mat only to find it curled and distorted. This will make it more difficult to find excuses not to exercise. Various brands and prices.

Letterpress Recipe Cards – I confess. Many of my recipes that aren’t in actual books are scribbled haphazardly on tiny pieces of paper scattered around my kitchen. If you’re like me, then you’re due for an upgrade from that, uh, filing system. (Failing system? HA HA.) Take a gander at these gorgeous handmade letterpress recipe cards! The type is hand drawn and turned into letterpress plates. And for the price, you get the whole SET which includes 42 recipe cards in 6 colors, and 7 category divider cards. So pretty, so functional. Let’s make this step together. $29.00 from 1 Canoe 2, via Etsy.

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