Things I Like Thursdays!

Let’s just get right into it:

Leap Soaps – I have a deep love with beautiful package design. I may have been seen caressing loaves of bread when Arnold Breads changed their packaging a few years back. Sometimes maybe I slam hard on the breaks when I see a beautifully designed billboard. If you are going to put something out there, make it nice to look at, right? Leap Soap Co. has done just that. Leap Soaps are certified organic, have luscious scents like lemongrass and lavender orange clove. Designs are from artist Charles Bloom. I want ’em.

Cassette Tape Catnip Toys – Since Pierogi has all this space to bat around things around, I’d rather the toys that scatter the floor be something pleasing to look at it (and not a fake mouse with stuffing pouring out. Ew.) These cassette tape catnip toys will make Pierogi the coolest, hippest nostalgic-ironic cat around. Toys are handmade with cotton, and stuffed with high-quality organic catnip. Kitty drugs never looked so cute! $5.99 for 2 cassettes, from The Upstairs Room via Etsy.

Put ‘Em Up, book by Sherri Brooks – I love pickles. I love ’em! Low in fat and calories, simple ingredients, naturally vegan. Unfortunately, GOOD pickles (crispy, fresh and with good flavor) cost a few dollars a jar or from a market. I have been saving up my glass containers to venture into the world of home pickling, and this is the book to help me to do it! Bright colors, and gorgeous design (look at the pages! so beautiful!) plus a ton of color photos and easy directions make this one a winner. First project: Spicy pickled green beans. $19.95,  Put ‘Em Up: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide… by Sherri Brooks.

Lightlife Frozen Meals As much as I love cooking, sometimes I have nothing in the fridge and I have to run out the door to work, a meeting, etc… Thanks to Lightlife brand foods, getting a tasty and healthy meal in a few minutes just got easier. While there are other brans of frozen meals, I just can’t bring myself to spend over $4.00 on something I know I could make for under $2 a serving. Lightlife’s meals are ALL vegetarian (many, not all, are vegan so read labels!), and cost only $2.99 each, which doesn’t break the bank if I throw one or two in my shopping cart. $2.99

This week’ list  is short because I’m the busiest bee! Check back again for next Thursdays list.

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