THINGS I Like THURSDAYS! July 8 (new weekly installment)

Over here at STK Headquarters, we sure do love alliteration. Hence, “THINGS I Like THURSDAYS!”, a weekly smattering of various items, art, books, films, people, foods, blogs, etc…. THINGS (oh so general) that I just like, and I want to share the wealth.

Here’s the first roundup:

Steel Wire Basket – This is a great mix of rustic/modern geometric and a great addition to your counter, perfect to show off your avocados, potatoes and lemons. $21.00 by Charest Studios, via Etsy.

Black Bus Roll Inspired Tea Towel – Text goes with art like peanut butter with jelly. I love love love typography and words used in items and art, so this tea towel made me whistle. (Corny pun, not even successful.) It is inspired by beautiful vintage bus rolls, and would make a very urban addition to a kitchen to replace a boring towel from the dollar store. BONUS – Towel made from natural hemp and organic cotton, and inks are eco-friendly, too! Hooray! You’re going to want to wash your hands all the time! $18.00 by Yardage Designs, via Etsy.

Let’s Eat Poster – Printmaking is one of my favorite forms of visual art. This poster appears to have come from invitations for what must have been a faaahhhhbulous dinner party made on the artists Gocco press. This poster in larger in scale, 11″ x 14″ including the black mat. Send out invitations that say “Let’s Eat” so your friends can come over and look at this awesome print, once again encouraging them to eat. They better be hungry. $16.00 by Two Gutitars, via Etsy.

Take Us Home Tote Bag – I know you’ve collected them from every grocery store and event, but seriously, who doesn’t love another tote bag? This one is adorable for obvious reasons. Vegetables are our friends, you see, and they want to become a part of your life. They want you to caress them in your hands, and later they are happy to nourish you. What sweethearts! Wow, thank you vegetables, everyone was right about you! This is a 3-color silkscreened bag, a good size at 15″ x 16″, ideal for hauling $16.00 by Bang Bang You’re Thread, via Etsy.

Veggie Print – Say my name, say my name… Continuing with the theme of talking vegetables, take a gander at this adorable print from the same artist as the above tote bag. I love vegetables as the subjects of art prints, and this one has it all: beautiful design, text, gorgeous color, and even the often left-out tofu! Say your names loud and proud, young vegetables. $15.00 by Bang Bang You’re Thread, via Etsy.


4 thoughts on “THINGS I Like THURSDAYS! July 8 (new weekly installment)

    • Kelly everything was on, you should be able to click the links at the bottom of the description and get to it! I’m not sure how I found it, just in my various searches I guess!

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