The Best Gifts Don’t Come in Boxes.

I have been the deeply grateful recipient of a random act of kindness, and I hope this inspires you and reminds you that something so seemingly small on your end can mean the world to someone else.

Yesterday was so exciting and so positive, and only got better when I got home to find an absolutely incredible e-mail from an old friend.

John Sico is a nice boy I met many years ago, though we had lost touch for a while save for becoming MySpace (remember that?) and more recently, Facebook friends. (One summer day my senior year of high school we left town and went to the beach and rode the ferris wheel when the sun was setting on the ocean. So cute!)

Out of the blue, I received this from him yesterday:

Hi Jaime!

I know we haven’t spoken in forever, but I’ve been reading your blog enthusiastically ever since I re-tracked you down here on the Facebooks. It’s so great! You’ve got an awesome voice there.

So with that said, perhaps I’ve overstepped a bit, but I keep visiting “” to find your blog…and not getting there. Just out of curiosity, I checked if it was available, and it was…so I bought it, so no one else could grab it from you. I know how much of a bummer it is to not get your own domain name.

If you want the domain at some point, just let me know, and I’ll transfer it over to you! In the meantime, I’ve just redirected it to your WordPress blog.

Hopefully you don’t find it weird that I did that…I just didn’t want to see it get snatched before you could register it!

– john

This is, literally, one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever done for me.

I still can’t the words to express how very much a gesture like this means! The fact John thought to do that, not to mention actually went and did it, humbles me to the core.

So, help me send a thousand warm wishes to John, because Save the Kales! is now a regular dot com website! (Sort of. I’ll be working with a designer soon to spruce things up a bit.) But go ahead, try it! Type in Isn’t that wonderful!?

(“A Little Reminder” print, Studio Mela on Etsy $20)

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