Can Can.

Have you heard of Candida? I hadn’t until a few months ago.  Do you know it’s very common, and can give you symptoms like fatigue, gas and bloating, anxiety, muscle weakness, digestive problems, and acne (among many other things)?

Now that I’ve worried you akin to the nightly news saying YOU COULD DIE FROM THIS, STAY TUNED… Let me explain:

We all have yeast in our bodies. Usually, there is a harmonious balance of yeast and it helps to keep good and bad bacteria in check. However, when something upsets the bacteria the yeast goes out of control!

*If you’ve ever noticed that after a night of drinking beer your skin breaks out, this could be an effect of too much yeast! I originally looked into acne remedies and learned about Candida. I have to say, I don’t drink as often and when I do it’s usually wine – and my skin has been the healthiest and blemish-free it’s been in years!

Think about bread. When you make bread and add yeast, the bread puffs up and the yeast works quickly to spread throughout the bread. It does a similar thing in our bodies.

Taking antibiotics and birth control pills are two hugely common ways to get an overgrowth of yeast. (This is why many women find that after taking either of these, they develop a yeast infection.) But you can also continue to feed the yeast by consuming foods that feed it: sugar, dairy and white flour are at the top of the list.

What can you do if you have these persistent symptoms? Follow a nutritious diet. That means eliminating sugars and refined foods, and adding more fresh veggies and grains.  Many folks that have Candida overgrowth are also undernourished. Having a healthy body helps you get over many physical and mental troubles, so you can fight off these bad invaders!

The fastest way to get rid of Candida is to remove SUGAR. If you do nothing else, get rid of sugar! This is Candida’s favorite food.  For a more strict regimen, you can follow these suggestions:

-No sugar
-No alcohol
-No wheat
-No yeast
-No caffeine -No preservatives and additives
-No refined and processed foods
-No moldy foods
-No dairy
-Low in Carbohydrates

“Ok Jaime, then what the heck CAN I eat?” Well I’m glad you’ve asked. Some low-carb veggies will give you lots of fiber to flush everything out of your system. Examples are:

-green beans
(any green leafy vegetable is low in carbohydrates)
-green peppers


Here’s a video from a holistic nutritionist about why sugar can really hurt your health, and why eating less (ideally none) will make you feel better!

If you’d like to learn more about Candida, you can find multiple resources online and at the bookstore and library.  To sum up – eating whole foods will make you feel better!

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