Picnic-ing during a Recession

Due to recent events (not blog-related, but personally) I thought I may have to cancel my part in tomorrow’s picnic. I felt sick to my stomach and utterly heartbroken at the thought that is celebration Andrew and I have been planning for months would have to go on without me.

But! This means so much to me and I think it would be even more heartbreaking to abandon the idea altogether SO – I am still going to provide food for the event, just not as much as I had originally planned. I just wanted to put that out there in case anyone shows up tomorrow looking for a full-on Save the Kales! food spread (which was my intention), and will now find some between lunch-and-diner treats. I don’t want to let you or your stomachs down!

That said, if you are coming and would like to bring ANY dish (it does NOT have to be vegan), I encourage you to do so! I hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow!

🙂   (yeah, you get a smiley emoticon)

One thought on “Picnic-ing during a Recession

  1. i hope the picnic went well…i was in the area this weekend and thought about coming out but the weather got a little scary so my mom and i rushed home. we did get to underwired though…such a cute place!

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