Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Cooking Class

The cooking class was a huge success! It took some extra planning since I didn’t have access to a full kitchen, but what a fun challenge to take on! I balanced in my yellow heels and vintage apron and we cooked up 5 meals and 1 dessert.  Everyone left full and happy, and I left feeling accomplished and proud of myself.

When I started Save the Kales! a few months ago, it was more of a personal outlet after a truly difficult time in my life. Without getting into the fine details of that situation, cooking and talking about food became the only thing left that was “mine” alone. I could do it, and I was good at it. I was hoping a few people may read the blog and get a few ingredient ideas, but it has now lead to a complete life reevaluation in the best way, and allowed me to clearly imagine what it would be like to make a living doing something I love.

It’s easy to be afraid of viewing your dreams as tangible goals. For the longest time I didn’t even know what that meant, and felt actual guilt at the thought of asking someone to pay me for a talent. Yet, I never thought it odd to pay a stylist when I got my hair cut, a chef at a restaurant, an artist to make something beautiful for my home. Why is it so hard to believe we  can do something?

Guess what? You can. Really. It’s as simple as that.

Being in a place where you have nothing left to lose is a vulnerable, uncomfortable place. But after the frightening part subsides, you find it opens to you all possibilities – and the most humbling part is they have been there all along.

I love cooking, talking about food and nutrition, exposing people to ingredients they may not have otherwise tried. To be able to teach a class my way, my style – informative, colorful, silly – was reinforcement that I’m doing something right. It made me wonder if the hard times we experience, or the hard times we give ourselves are just a way for us to reassess our thoughts and actions to propel us into greatness.

But take my advice – don’t wait around for that moment if you can help it. You are already great and talented, and people will benefit from what you can offer. Just get up and do it.

(To my first class, I thank you with so much sincerity, and as per request I’m already planning the next class built around tofu as the common ingredient. Thanks to Christa Timko and Lisa O’Brien for the photos!)

9 thoughts on “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Cooking Class

    • Thank you SO much, it was incredible, I’d love for you to be able to come sometime if time and space were no issue!

      We did a red lentil hummus, the raw kale salad that is my new favorite food ever, marinated portobello burgers, lemon-chickpea salad, cucumber salad 2 ways, and a mixed berry “mousse” for dessert.

      I think we all probably still smell like garlic.

  1. Jaim- Are these recipes already hiding on Save the Kales! ? Or will you post them? … or will I have to get in the car and come to a class to seek them out?

  2. what an inspiring post! and congratulations to you! what a wonderful feeling it must be to be doing something you love and be able to make a living at it. this is my dream.
    i wish i could come to one of your classes, too! that is another dream.
    carry on, girl. btw, you are rockin’ those yellow heels.

  3. YAY!! The portobello burger, the raw kale salad, and the cucumber salad recipes if you can!! Either via e-mail or you can FB message them! THANKS!!!!

  4. I would appreciate the raw kale salad recipe. Although my last name is Kale, I never tasted it until a few months ago and was surprised I actually liked a dark, leafy green! So I’d like to try the salad. 🙂

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