Fresh Ingredients, a Fresh Start.

My friends, as if this week isn’t exciting enough with my first catering event, beginning nutrition school, teaching my first cooking class this Wednesday (!) – my heart is bursting to tell you this breaking news:

I found my new home!

And it’s a beauty!  Aside from the fact that it has a billion amazing things (washer/dryer, a BACK YARD where I can have a GARDEN and a table and CHAIRS and a GRILL, ahhh! Never had this before!), a fancy schmancy garage, etc etc etc…. the kitchen is what stole the biggest part of my heart.

New appliances, lovely cabinets, a fireplace (! I know!) and best of all, an open layout – so what does this mean for Save the Kales? Better cooking videos, more efficiency, but also – IN (my) HOME COOKING CLASSES! I’ll be able to invite all of you over to hang out and drink wine while we get messy and cook up tasty dishes together!

This week is crazy, with preparing for the Wednesday class (which is already at capacity, and I can’ wait to meet all of you!), starting my nutrition classes, and now the task of, uh, moving, so bear with me while the next week of posts will be scattered narratives of me being even more excited than usual.

“We opened the windows and the warm air touched us with coarse hands. The buildings looked like buildings I’d seen before – they had straight lines and neat corners and windows in between – but they seemed closer to something imagined and built by architects of another world. We flew beneath their roofs and I grinned to the wind, because we’d at least come this far, and that meant we’d won.” – Dave Eggers

8 thoughts on “Fresh Ingredients, a Fresh Start.

  1. So interesting that you should mention catering! I was just thinking this morning that one day, if I get married, I’ll need a good vegan caterer…. 😉

    • It’s ridiculous. I was all set to bring my water filter over and then realized, no no, the FRIDGE HAS A FILTER BUILT IN. What!? I feel like I’m living in the future.

      I guess this stuff has been around a while but I never had it! You are welcome to come over any time 🙂

  2. that’s so awesome! enjoy the feeling. i remember when we first moved into our house for about the first year i couldn’t believed that i actually lived there. love the floors! hope the class went well…

  3. Beautiful place! How is your nutritional training going? It’s so weird that I ran into you and your taking the classes I am considering!

    • Lisa, hello! I’m so glad you found the page!
      The nutritional classes are AWESOME – I am learning so much crazy stuff! If you were giving any thought to doing that or a similar course, I really do recommend it. The school does offer those holistic courses if that was more what you were interested in. We could have study parties!

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