I would like to thank those of you who have already signed up for the cooking class! Lisa has sent out an offical fancy-schmancy press release, and I’m beyond excited to meet even more of you!

Today, as of 5 minutes ago, I have another big announcement:

I’ve just enrolled in a program to become a certified Nutritional Consultant!

This is something I have thought about for years. I received a Bachelor’s degree in 2005, then went back to school for Interior Design – which I love immensely. But this new path has stirred up so much excitement for sharing the joys of a plant-based diet with others, so I thought, why not? My passion and excitement for this is at it’s peak, and I know my enthusiasm will make learning all the more enjoyable.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, Save the Kales! has changed my life. There is still so much I am working on personally, and there have been days where this blog has been the main thing to get me out of bed and get excited about the day.

My goals now – aside from the lofty dream of hosting a Food Show on TV (a girl can dream!) – would be to just continue to see where this path takes me. So far it’s only been 3-4 months and so much good has come from this, outcomes I never could have imagined.

I give you, readers, the most sincere of “thank you”s, and I hope I with this new structured learning format, I’ll be able to continue to provide insightful veg-information, all the while keeping it fun!

Today’s lesson: Follow your dreams. Make your life.


6 thoughts on “CAFETERIA FOOD

    • I looked in various certification programs – different from being “a dietician” or “a nutritionist”, nutritional consulting is a formal program that will issue me an accredited certificate in nutritional consulting. My goal for this was not to have to back to school for another six years. To be honest, my PRIMARY goal was to find something with a curriculum that focused on what *i* want to do – plant-based foods, no (traditional) food pyramid stuff, learning about whole foods, detoxing, organics, using foods to heal, etc… And I found a program that did just that! This will help arm me with information so if/when I do catering or cooking classes or writing for a living (at this point in my life, that’s my new goal) I have this great foundation of the human body and food.

      I’m happy to email you with the whole overview of the program if you’d like!

  1. wow, i got chills, especially with your last sentence. that is so awesome and i am so excited for you! it’s so great to find something you are passionate about and then be able to share that passion with others. congrats!

  2. Hi Jaime! Congrats, this is very exciting stuff. I’d love to pick your brain some time!! Fantastic blog 😉

    Take care!

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