WOW that a week! I feel like one of those high-stress people in business-casual clothes that always look annoyed about going to another meeting on television commercials. I was cleaning up my condo (for sale!) and the wifi had a glitch, so I’m making this post in a hurried flash from the Giant Grocery Store up the street. If you don’t have a Giant Grocery chain hear you, I cross my fingers and hope that you are imagining a supermarket for VERY TALL AND LARGE PEOPLE.

It’s past noon and I haven’t had any breakfast or lunch yet – not recommended! I’m going to have to grab something fast, which gave me the idea for this post. What are some standby snacks or meals you can get when you need food fast but don’t want to eat garbage? Here are my immediate ideas:

1. See if the closest grocery store has a salad bar. Most chain grocery stores, even the many of the older ones, have a salad bar. Not always the most appetizing, but you are sure to find fresh veggies and oil and vinegar for an easy (albeit not always entirely appetizing) lunch. If you’re lucky, the salad bar may have olives, grape leaves (make sure they have no meat!), hummus or cold grain salads.

2. In doubt, find a bagel. You should be able to find bagels almost anywhere, including cafes and fast food places. Unless you are able to track down a delicious whole grain-kind-with-the-little-seeds-inside bagel, a plain bagel isn’t exactly “healthy” but is likely vegan and will keep you from getting grumpy and annoying your friends. Let me note that you may still want to ASK if the bagel you are selecting is made with eggs. Most are not, but some are, and I don’t want it to be my fault if you find out the hard way!

3. Grab easy rations from a grocery store. If you don’t have luck with a salad bar, you should be able to run around the store and find a few easy foods to go, like some crackers in one aisle and hummus with the refrigerated food. Grab an apple and orange from produce and you have a little portable meal!

4. When the going gets tough, white flour may be your only choice. So if you’re taking a nice weekend road trip and end up in some wacky small town in say, I don’t know, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the gas station is the size of a closet with those questionable outside restrooms that require you to use a key with a ruler attached, you’re not going to find the most healthy and diverse vegan snack options. But try to look for these items before you give up hope and run screaming into the woods: a soft pretzel, a pack of peanuts, a bag of hard pretzels, a granola-type bar, non-cheese crackers with peanut butter.

Good luck out there!


3 thoughts on “I NEED TO EAT!

  1. i feel like i live on bagels at work. i refuse to buy the food from the cafe at b&n and i usually pack a lunch but if i forget its a bagel lunch for me!

  2. whenever i don’t feel like bringing my lunch to work, i’ll go to the salad bar at the local grocery. they’ll usually have some pasta salad w/o mayo and lots of veggies. like you say, not the best but when i am lazy it works. i usually carry crackers and/or fruit with me anyway in case of emergencies.

  3. My favorite meal-on-the-run is celery and almonds. Or snap peas, grapes, and handfuls of sunflower seeds. Or grape tomatoes and pickles. If I’m truly desperate, even Wawa has prepackaged hummus and pita!

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