Okay everybody. I’m so happy to share this news with you that I can’t even wait until it’s “officially” ready – though, somehow 65 of you already stumbled upon it in the past few hours, so the cat’s out of the bag… which is great, because cats don’t belong in bags.

Today is the site launch of my new blog, dedicated to the creative endeavors of the Lehigh Valley:

HEART OF STEELcity, while extremely personal to me, is about the place I live. My home. I’ve lived here for years with tentative ideas and skepticism. It seemed hard to get projects off the ground, to find supporters and like-minded people, and a move away seemed like the best option to seek inspiration.

But over the past few months, as I have worked every day to be the best version of myself and while humbly accepting my flaws and working to change them, the same transformation happened in this place, as well. Creative, positive people seemed to storm the streets at the same moment. Young entrepreneurs are taking risks and building successful businesses. Artists are finding ways to share what they do with others, outside of formal galleries, creating beauty where there was none. Musicians are collaborating, communities in the truest sense of the word are growing, and there seems to be an optimism shared by everyone.

I don’t think it was planned, but there is a revolution happening in this city, and it’s my goal to document it. I have met so many people that share the same excited outlook. Things are changing for the better. And if you live here, you are lucky enough to be a part of it.

And so, HEART OF STEELcity is born:

The first official post will be an interview with Andy Po, Homebase Skateshop owner, about the overwhelming community response to the Bethlehem Skateplaza project, and how the grassroots movement has pushed the project into national spotlight.

I hope you, all of you, can be a part of it.

And I want to thank every reader of this blog, for helping to encourage me through your always-kind words and readership. I can say something I have always wanted to say with dignity and accomplishment: “I am a writer”.

You will never know how much all of this means. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “SURPRISE PARTY, Part 2

  1. rock on!!! congratulations and woo hoo on your projects.

    yes, there is definitely a renaissance blossoming here, and i’m thrilled to be starting to be part of it, too šŸ™‚

    thanks to everyone who has been turning around the vibe in the lehigh valley. for once in my life, i’m starting to be grateful i didn’t take off for “greener” pastures, because it’s looking mighty green here these days, and it can only get better.

    much love and continued success to all those making this happen!

    I can’t believe this is happining. I knew you could do it and if I don’t see another day, this day is so special to me. Keep your heart in it and you have nowhere to go but up. CONGRATS!!!!!

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