Psst… Want to hear a secret?

This is something I hadn’t previously factored into my hush-hush surprises, still to come (new one revealed tomorrow, Yay!), but this is something monumental for me, and could turn out to benefit you, too.

So, this is my kitchen. This is where all the magic happens. It’s small but mighty, and I put that floor in myself! And here’s why I’m posting it…

I’m moving. I’m selling my home, and moving!

Not out of town, though for a long time that was the option. Things are getting so good here that my aim now is to continue to cultivate a community and identity in the Lehigh Valley. But I have decided to take residential opportunities elsewhere, and with that comes the filtering through my life for the past five years.

(I sort through boxes of books I intended to read, clothes that no longer fit, letters that were worth more than all the money in the world… these artifacts make up a unique collection of my life, a gallery of every taken opportunity or mistake learned from. When I hold them in my hands, I can view them with new perspective on the role they played in my life and how lucky, sincerely lucky I am for everything, all of it, every last part.)

So: IF YOU, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW, WOULD LIKE TO BUY A ONE-BEDROOM CONDO (rather than rent, but trust me it’s the same cost) A PLACE IN BETHLEHEM, PA – please ask them to contact me at This place is IDEAL for a single person looking to build their credit as a owner, for the price of a renter!

I’m making up fliers and can post one soon,  listing all the benefits and approximate monthly cost. I’m asking $50,000 but will negotiate with a fair offer! My monthly living expenses right now for everything – literally everything from Wifi to trash costs, is $700. Yup. Good deal, right?

It’s a really lovely home and I’m only moving/selling because I want to see what this new path has in store for me. More photos available upon request, of course.

6 thoughts on “Psst… Want to hear a secret?

  1. Jai! Can’t believe you’re moving! How exciting- however, it would make me much more excited if you were moving back to the Wyoming Valley! Like in with me 🙂 I miss u!

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