“Full, but not Satisfied”

Please excuse my scattered brain today! I’m busy getting things together for my two surprises, which are on track to revealing themselves by the end of the week Yay!

If you’re in the Lehigh Valley and you’re free tomorrow evening, consider attending Part IV of Lehigh University’s Food Film series. Tomorrow will be the screening of “BUFFET: All You Can Eat Las Vegas”. While prior films in the series have been more direct in their effort to provide insight for eco-food causes (such as films about the repercussions of overfishing, and farmers that aim to re-invent the food system), BUFFET seems more like an observation of American indulgence.

We get so excited about food – I certainly do. But there is something grim in watching people gorge themselves sick on it. Viewing the thousands of pounds of waste from plates people filled and couldn’t clean is, to be a bit melodramatic, heartbreaking. Consider the animal raised for food that becomes trash, or the hours of labor that go into harvesting, prepping and cooking the food that ends up in a landfill.

This may not be for the weak of stomach (or anyone hungry, for that matter) but I’m curious to know what my feelings and thoughts will be afterward. There is a discussion to follow the film which is likely to be observational as well as political.

View the official film website, and watch a trailer here: http://www.buffetmovie.com/

The screening and discussion to follow are FREE. Event begins at 6:30PM tomorrow, Wednesday April 7th, in Lehigh U’s Whitaker Laboratory.

Stay tuned, as the final film in the series is the mind-blowing FOOD, INC. Please read what local environmental blogger Andrew Kliener had to say about the topic of sustainability and that film: http://rememberkleiner.blogspot.com/2010/04/environmental-consciousness-little.html


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