Bottoms Up

The dull throb in my head is telling me that I have no choice but to write about something I had a lot of this weekend, red wine.

It’s common knowledge that a little of this is good for us, somehow… Right? YES and let me explain. For starters, the amount of wine we are talking about is one glass a day. Consuming much more certainly won’t be healthier, it will only make you eat burritos in front of the fridge at 3am.

Studies show that consuming this small amount can help lower the risk of heart attack in folks middle-aged by as much as 30-50%. Consuming red wine may also prevent further heart attacks from people who’ve already had one. Red wine can also raise good cholesterol, and lower the bad. People in the Mediterranean who consume red wine often (among eating healthy, delicious food!) have some of the lowest numbers of heart disease.

One of the most studied antioxidants in red wines is resveratrol, a compound found in the seeds and skins of grapes. Red wine has a high concentration of resveratrol because the skins and seeds ferment in the grapes’ juices during the red wine-making process.

Red wine also gives us red wine vinegar! Vinegar is made from the oxidation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria. Cooks use vinegar for many purposes such as; pickling, deglazing pans, making sauces and is found in certain desserts.  There are several different qualities of red wine vinegar. The longer the wine vinegar matures, the better it is. Most red wines can be matured up to two years.

Now let’s talk about a common wine taboo – boxed wine. I am here to tell you that boxed wine is becoming cool thanks to its eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing! A standard wine bottle (holding 750 milliliters) that travels from a California vineyard to a New York store generates about 5.2 pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions, while a three-liter box generates only half the emissions per 750 milliliters. The cardboard box can also be recycled, and is less work to produce than a bottle.

If you really want to get particular, many wines are not vegan as animal products or byproducts can be used in the processing. These ingredients are filtered out of the wine before it is sold, but vegans may choose to stay away from some wines because of this. Typically these ingredients are used as processing aids in the “fining” or filtration part of the winemaking process to help remove solid impurities such as grape skins or stems. For a full list of vegan wines, go here:

I know when it comes to wine there are kinds I love (pinot noir is my favorite!), but usually I buy what’s in my budget with the most beautiful label.

What wines are your favorite?


8 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

  1. now here’s something i know a little about. i worked at a vineyard and winery for about 3 years. specifically, they use egg whites to filter the wine for clarification. weird, i know. i wonder who came up with that?
    also, boxed wines (imho) are the best way to keep it fresh. because they are in a vacuum sealed bag, they can keep for up to 3 months after being opened. they can be cheaper (per serving) and like you said the packaging more earth friendly (some boxes can contain up to 4 bottles worth of wine).
    if i could get my hands on a nice vegan red wine in a box i would be in heaven!
    as usual, great post, J!

  2. Jaime…. you sound like the sort of girl that would be a lot of fun to drink a bad amount of wine with!
    If you ever want to come to Montreal….. you got a vegan tour guide…. and one who knows how to party!

    • I would LOVE that! I have been talking to some other pals in Canada about visiting.. this makes me want to speed up the planning-process. I’ll also likely want to move there, so be prepared 🙂

  3. Jaim… Bully Hill Vineyards on Lake Keuka may be right up your alley if you’re ever at the Finger Lakes! Soooo rich in history, art, and food!! They do “export” some wines to PA… however, not the ones I heart the most. The artwork on them is awesome… and there’s a story that goes with every one!

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