True Love, Fake Shrimp

I can’t shake this sickness, so I thought I’d reminisce a really wonderful day trip I took recently. If you recall my post from two Sundays ago, you know I love Sundays so much I’d marry them, and the best way to spend one is exploring a new town. Something about doing this fills my heart and inspires me creatively, refreshes me mentally, and always makes me feel more optimistic about the places I will get to go in my life.

Me and my date hopped in the car, and headed to Doylestown, PA. There’s a lot of fancy-schmancy people with conservative values and a lot of money in this area, so I had been skeptical for a time. Plus, it’s just a skip from New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ which was adorable, progressive small towns that I try to frequent as much as possible in nice weather.  But my Gram lives just 2 blocks from Main Street Doylestown, and the day was too lovely to not give it another chance. I’m so glad I did!

Our first stop was to seek out the “Wild Ginger” restaurant – I had found it online through, and it seemed like it had a decent amount of vegan options. WELL – to my wonderful surprise, the place was like a vegan food heaven!

Click below to see more!

The decor was tranquil and colorful, the menu extensive, showcasing thai, japanese and chinese flavors. We started with the veggie “pork” dumpling soup.

Like a better, tastier wonton soup with wontons we could actually eat! The menu was tough to choose from – a ton of options, and… ready for this?… anything can be made with VEGAN CHICKEN, BEEF OR SHRIMP. Upon discovering that beautiful fact, I died for a few minutes and when I came back to life, these incredible dishes were in front of us. A red coconut curry with “shrimp” and a spicy “shrimp” stir fry.

If you live in or near Doylestown, you MUST go here! After visiting my gram, we wandered around the downtown. When I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by this image of an antique camera poured in cement. I have a love for vintage things, and collecting antique cameras is one of many ever-growing collections. My dad also collected them, and I inherited some of my favorites from him. Seeing this image was like two big arms welcoming me to town.

Then we walked past a mini-van with this sticker! Wow, way to go minivan, I have underestimated you!

That took us to a vintage store in downtown, full of clothes, accessories, and furniture. I walked in and died all over again when discovering THIS CHAIR. (I’ll have to  delve into my modern chair obsession at a later date…)

And while I was reviving myself and trying on boots, THIS DOG came in! She was so sweet – her name is Ella and she likes vintages stores, too. Her tongue sticks out like that all the time. To my dismay, her Mom wouldn’t let me adopt her on the spot, but I did get to scratch her ears and kiss her head. Good deal.

We came into a beautiful bookshop, which had these journals for sale by IndieBound. Gorgeous typography and design, good message.

I was so excited to see that a staff member had recommended this next book, I almost died again when I saw what it was! “Our Farm” is an illustrated childrens book written by the animals of Farm Sanctuary! AND, and and and, the baby chick that I personally helped raise to be a gorgeous rooster wrote one of the poems!

Mayfly arrived at Farm Sanctuary’s NY shelter while I worked there, and he actually lived inside my house for a while, until he was old enough to be put with the rest of the chickens. Now look at him, a big-time author. Congrats, little buddy! I feel like a proud parent.

And lastly, a wonderful record store that was not only well-organized and inexpensive with refreshingly unpretentious staff, they also had a section of art and wares by local designers. This table of jewelry caught my eye. I tried on many things and fondled the rest.

This was the wackiest and most ridiculous ring, but doesn’t it look like Pierogi!?

Somehow, I truly don’t know how, the weekend is again upon us and I’m already plotting and scheming how to best spend it. I’ll have new videos up soon! Thanks for taking this little day trip with me, and I hope you’ll be around for many more.


6 thoughts on “True Love, Fake Shrimp

  1. This is a little strange to read–I was just in Doylestown last week and did many of the same things! I even sat in that awesome modern chair and wanted to buy it. And then I spilled my coffee all over the rug that it sits on… so not an overall successful trip. If you haven’t already, you should check out the used bookstores on State street–Central Books and Bucks County Bookshop–I’ve found some great stuff there over the years. We never ended up locating Wild Ginger (we ended up at a chain burrito place a little out of the downtown area that is pretty vegan-friendly), but thanks to your post I will definitely make more of an effort next time!!

    • Oh Colleen, how neat! I had the most lovely day, and if you ever want to go back (and eat at Wild Ginger), please let me know! Those bookstores sound excellent, I wish I had known about them – ah well, a good excuse to go back. Thanks for telling me!

    • Many months ago I saw something about that book coming out, then promptly forgot about it. It’s very cute, and the illustrations are so pretty! I’m tempted to buy it now in anticipation of my own child someday. You must take a peek at it!

  2. jaime! i live in doylestown! haha how funny is that. if we bumped into each other accidentally i would have just died. that camera in the cement, that’s in front of rutherfords camera shop, i used to work there 🙂 let me know next time you’re in the area. we’ll catch a super indie flick at the very vintage-y retro-looking county theater. i’m surprised you didn’t photograph it, it’s so your style.

    • Aw Carolyn, that would have been the nicest surprise! I remember carpooling to that Theater in college to see “Bowling for Columbine” with the Comm. Department (aka. about 8 students). It IS very nice! I saw Food Inc. there last summer, too. I’d be honored if you would be a summer movie date!

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