The flu? F U.

I kind of, almost feel back to normal after days of illness. Lucky for me, it happened during the grayest, rainiest streak of weather. Being bundled up in bed with books and tea isn’t so bad when it’s cold, windy and wet outside.

Since I’ve been hearing about a ton of other people feeling sick as well, I thought it fitting that todays post talks a little about some illness rations – things you may want to have around the house in case you’re the next victim! (I hope you’re not!)

Fresh Ginger Aside from being one of the tastiest ingredients in any dish, ginger has pots full of natural healing properties! It increases sweating, which can help draw the sickness and impurities out through the skin, and helps stabalize body temperature if you have a fever. It also helps respiratory problems like coughing, colds and flu due to it’s warming and soothing properties. And, it helps aid in nausea relief.  You can use it in soups or other dishes, or steep a few thick slices is hot water to make a simple ginger tea.

Fresh Garlic Ginger AND garlic? Now I want stir-fry… But garlic is also used as a preventative, before you actually get sick. If you live or work in an environment with a lot of people, specifically people who are already sick, adding more of this to your diet won’t just be delicious, it may keep you healthy.  There are clinical studies that show that ingesting a lot of garlic at the very onset of a cold could help speed recovery time.  Raw garlic is more healing than cooked. If you chew it, the spiciness may clear up your nose, but you’ll never be able to get the taste out of your mouth! It’s best to try and swallow small, whole cloves with some water (as you would take a pill).

Foods High in Vitamin C Oranges are yummy, but there are many other whole plant foods that are excellent, even better sources of vitamin C! Raw red bell peppers are at the very TOP of the vitamin C packed foods – having SIX TIMES as much as an orange! Broccoli, strawberries, kale and lemon juice all greatly surpass oranges in vitamin C content.  Some studies show that getting enough vitamin C can reduce the frequency, duration and severity of a cold.

So what if you’re like me and many other unlucky people and you get hit with a cold or worse? I know for the past few days, simply moving my limbs hurt, and the thought of chopping vegetables and stirring homemade soup was simply too overwhelming. I wanted something comforting and warm, but I wanted somebody else to make it. And, if I may be so honest, I wanted (veg-friendly) chicken noodle soup. I have made my own in the past, but that wasn’t going to happen this time.

I finally got myself to a grocery store on Sunday, and found (drumroll please)….

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup!!!! (Dehydrated, not canned!)

Suddenly the gray clouds parted! For only $3.99, Fantastic World Foods gives you this incredible soup! It makes about 8-9 cups, which is enough for several big bowls. It’s absolutely delicious too. I added more fresh carrots and dandelion greens to mine, but it’s already wonderful right out of the package. The noodles and “chicken” are in a nice, thickened broth that is seasoned very well, and not too salty. All you need to add is water, although the back of the package offers ideas for different flavor variations – like adding lime and coconut milk to give it a Thai flavor.  One serving only has 90 calories, so eat up!

I feel like I dreamed this up. It was an absolute lifesaver. Keep an eye out for this, and keep some in your pantry for a simple dinner or until the next time you’re sick!

*This is a little DISCLAIMER to say that I’m not a doctor, just someone offering helpful food-for-thought, and none of this is to be taken in lieu of seeing your doctor!

8 thoughts on “The flu? F U.

  1. Is that a bag? A box? When was the last time you ate chicken-from-a-chicken? I have such a hard time with meat ‘substitutes’ when I think they’re going to have the texture I’m expecting – but this looks delicious!

    • It’s a bag. It’s in one of those stand-up bags that dehydrated soups often come in. I haven’t had chicken in 10 years – but this soup reminded me sooo much of a kind of chicken noodle soup my mom used to make!

      If you’re a little wary of faux-chicken, this soup is great because while it does have it, it’s not big huge chunks. The “chicken” is very thin and small and blends will with the noodles and broth, so it’s not at all like eating a bowl of faux-chicken. Hey, for about 4 bucks, it’s totally worth a try!

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