Sick Day

I won’t bore you all with the gory details of body aches and going through multiple boxes of tissues in a day, but I’m sick! I promise there will be a real update soon. I may go out to the store in search of symptom-relievers and the makings of a good soup – if I have any luck with the latter, you’ll be the first to know.

Until then – STAY WELL – this is annoying! I’ll see you soon.


7 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. got the best recipe to fight off a cold…
    1 whole garlic ( ah bunch.. well the whole thing)
    1 onion
    cook these two in some olive oil after 5 minutes
    8 cups of water
    1 bouillon cube
    1 bunch of any greens you like (kale, spinach, collards)
    4 potatoes in cubs
    then pass in a blender or food processor

    REALLY the best to help you get over a cold….
    I would make you some if I could!

    • That sounds perfect! I think I have all that stuff, too. I hear you on the garlic – delicious and healing. Though, if I had my choice, I’d prefer you made it for me too.

      How sweet, thanks for the recipe and well-wishes!

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