Shiny, Happy People

Yesterday I got chinese food for dinner. It was a long, emotion-filled day, and I was happy to sit down with someone I love and enjoy a meal that is so delicious I have actually daydreamed about it (ginger bean curd). The end of the meal brought along a fortune cookie that revealed what may be the best fortune cookie fortune I’ve ever seen.

Allow me to share:

I laughed forever and couldn’t breathe. (Remember those Glow Worm dolls? Imagine that with YOUR face.)

But it got me thinking about positivity and happiness, and how essential they are to a full life. Life experiences can harden us and turn us bitter – but thats the easy way out! When we can move beyond feelings of anger, jealousy, or defeat, we are left with the opportunity for saturated learning.

It’s easy to point fingers at people that you feel have wronged you. In some cases, they may very well deserve it. If you have wronged somebody, it can be easy to search for reasons to justify what you did and turn the other cheek (no one wants to be a “bad guy”).  But if we can be humble enough… if we can lay all our faults out on the table, face them, accept them, we invite deep understanding and compassion for others and mostly ourselves.

Isn’t it exciting to think that we can change the things we don’t like about ourselves? WE CAN! You can do it right now, today! But it first comes with identifying the really uncomfortable parts.

Don’t let your mistakes and downfalls hold you back. YOU are not composed and defined by the wrongs you may have committed. Some people may like to pull out a bad moment in time and slap it on you like a label – and maybe you start to believe it, and even being to live your life according to it, thinking “Well, this is what I am.”  But I’m telling you, YOU ARE NOT YOUR WORST MOMENTS/DECISIONS/THOUGHTS .

And when you put in the time and work to define them, and change them, you have succeeded in showing just how worthy a person you are! Worthy of love, joy, forgiveness and compassion. Soon your mistakes make their way from your present to your past, and they no longer hold us captive. You should feel proud of yourself for being brave enough to make changes.

Change is something everyone talks about doing, but very few have the courage to do. It’s scary, it’s hard, it makes you vulnerable. But it is essential for happiness and growth.

And when you can do that, true joy emerges. We can all be the best versions of ourselves, and when we are, it spreads to so many other lives. The strangers we encounter every day at the coffee shop or at the store find comfort in our sincere smile. Our mind is ready to seek inspiration – we begin to create and add to the beauty of other lives. And we can easily find compassion for others since we know how important, how human it is.

I hope you all find joy in your lives. It’s there, though it may take a little work and effort. When you shine, others shine. We are all in this life together!


6 thoughts on “Shiny, Happy People

  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful post, Jaime. I know recently I’ve definitely been struggling with my shortcomings and aspects of myself with which I am not enamored. And I’ve been running the same thoughts through my mind you’ve just outlined to try and remind myself not to get so down. So thank you for reinforcing positivity and self-definition. And if I may, you are a lovely person.

    Also, that supremely awesome quote is an adaptation of one of Winston Churchill’s: “We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.” Eloquent man, he!

  2. Winston Churchill, eh? Well how about that. Once again, that fortune impresses me. Thank you for sharing that little bit of trivia.

    Thanks for such a kind comment 🙂 I know this post was pretty sappy, even for me, but introspection and evolution have been the foundations of my life in the past few months, and I am finally seeing how what we go through is a PROCESS – so, so important to remember that, and stop worrying when you can’t magically fix everything. While I harbor regrets (is it true some people have none? really? I sure do), I’ve found that it’s how you respond to those that define your character.

    I suppose we all need to grieve for ourselves and feel like victims sometimes – but there is a difference between being a victim and a martyr, and the latter is where things really get tricky.

    I’m so glad to know you’re on a similar path, Colleen. If you ever want to bounce ideas around or share books that deal in this topic, I’d be happy to! Thanks for putting up with me being a total Self-Help Book come to life, haha 🙂

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