FOOD IS GOOD: Indian Grocery Haul!

It’s hard to believe there was a time when I was just a wee little thing and grocery shopping was equivalent to slow, methodic torture. Now, it’s something I do when I want to relax, be inspired, or lift my mood. (AND it’s almost Farmer’s Market season! Can we all internet high-five each other?)

Here’s a little “haul” video I made after a recent trip to a newly discovered Indian Grocery Store in my neighborhood. I felt like Columbus finding the new world!

While I still try and navigate through proper lighting and etc., here are some pictures of the items I mentioned, plus reviews of what I’ve tried so far.

Nutrela soy chunks; Spice Gourd Chips

Nutrela soy chunks were great! They had a very hearty, dare I say “meaty” texture. No flavor though, so you have to take care of that on your own. You can hydrate them in vegetable broth instead of water. I used them to make a fake chicken salad, and it was yummy! One box will also make enough for about 3-4 separate meals. That adds up to roughly 40 cents a meal. How’s that for budget friendly?

Spicy Gourd Chips were alright. Very “fried” tasting (for obvious reasons), and the spicy stuff is just chili powder which means they are VERY spicy but not much flavor.

Pista Rolls

These are very sweet, and don’t have much defined flavor until after a few bites. Not bad however, the texture is very soft and chewy, and they do satisfy a sweet tooth without being something I could really binge on. Bonus: they sure do look pretty!

Chili Vinegar

This was a great compliment to the chili pepper beer I found in the previous week. I used this as the vinegar in an asian coleslaw I made. The chili flavor is mild and subtle, but overall a good flavor. A fun twist on a regular vinegar. Plus it looks so badass in the cupboard!


These were the brightest, shiniest stars of the shopping trip! The box contains 3 individually wrapped containers, making these a perfect option for packing in a lunch or on a trip! The quality is very high – so, so flavorful and delicious! While I liked both, the coconut chutney blew my mind away and deserves a monument built in honor of it in the middle of the grocery store. Final thoughts: SEEK THESE OUT!


I’m still unsure if “Patra” is the actual food, or the brand (if you know, please help me out!) but these were also incredibly delicious, and so much more than what I thought by looking at the package! They reminded me of sushi in that its a bunch of delicious stuff all rolled up, and then sliced into circular pieces. The flavor is intensely-spiced (not spicy) Indian seasonings, plus again, anything with coconut is a winner. You can pop a few in the microwave or in the oven and have a healthy and incredibly delicious lunch or snack. Final thoughts: SEEK THESE OUT, TOO.

This is only a small sampling of what I got – I bought everything in the video, plus two more bags of groceries (including some lentils and spices) and all of that food came to $35.00 Yup, correct. Thirty-five dollars.

What are some of your favorite food treasures from ethnic markets?


4 thoughts on “FOOD IS GOOD: Indian Grocery Haul!

  1. I saw those nutrela soy chunks at the Indian store I found this weekend. wasn’t sure what to do with them so didn’t pick them up. I’ll have to check them out next time.

    patra I believe is taro with spices and tamarind. deep is the brand.

    • Go buy those Nutrela thingies – they are crazy cheap and can be used in so many ways! Trust me when I say they are flavorless. But easily soak up any yummy favor profiles you can mix.

      Did I mention they are CHEAP?

      The patra was amazing, and thank you for the input! (Pick those up, too!)

  2. I’m totally with you on the ethnic markets—there’s a little “world market” near us and we have found these great dried pasilla peppers and others for soooo much cheaper. They also have great feta for cheap and various other odds and ends. It’s great!

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