Sunday Explorers.

Sundays. No, you guys… I mean, come on now, Sundays. Yeeaahhh. Can we all join hands across America for this lovely day?

This has always been and forever will be the very best day of the week. Everything feels more relaxed, more calm and somehow more exciting. A day for being equally lazy and productive. Everything just seems to fall into place on a Sunday.

Today, one of my favorite Sunday rituals: breakfast and exploring.

I made one of my favorite breakfasts, and got to eat it snuggly in bed. Tofu scramble, baked and seasoned sweet potatoes, and 12-grain toast. I actually kept “MMMmmmm”-ing aloud.

And now I’m in my Sunday best – big hair, eyeliner, lots of colors to meet the sunshine. I’ve got my bag on one arm and a wonderful date on the other, and I’m off to explore a new town! I hope you all have as beautiful a day. Do something to inspire and excite you!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Explorers.

    • Aw Wendy, let’s get brunch sometime! 🙂

      I actually had the most perfect day, and will soon make a follow-up post with lots of pictures. Unfortunately, my hair wasn’t as big as usual, but the rest of the stuff will make up for it, I promise.

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