Weekend Cuteness: Adoptable Animals!

Is anything better than cold noses and scratchy tongues? For you, this week’s sampling of precious pets at local (Lehigh Valley) shelters that want YOU to take them home. They really do, they emailed me.

Dazzle – Orange Tabby, Domestic Short Hair Yawwwn. I feel the same way after people scratch my belly. Dazzle is one of three brother kittens. He is described as the friendliest of the three, loving to play and be petted. Dazzle has all of his shots and is neutered, and wants to run around your apartment. Read more about him here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/14746940?recno=18

Larry – Boxer Larry! Larry is an older boxer who is well-mannered and gets along well with other dogs. He has all of this shots and is house-trained. Boxers are loyal and affectionate dogs that bond well with their family. See how his ears are all cute and perked up? He heard you say you want to take him home! More on Larry here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15104998?recno=17

Angel – Orange, Persian DON’T BE ALARMED, this little Angel is okay! She’s just so round and fluffy sometimes she gets lost among herself. Angel is described as loyal and healthy… and clearly isn’t a picky eater! She would like to live in a home with no other cats or dogs, so you can pamper her properly. Are you’re arms just aching to scoop her up? Do some pushups to build those biceps, and then go here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/14615229?recno=17

Conrad – Lhasa Apso Just in time for the red carpet… Conrad is looking edgy and stylish with that sassy haircut! He is a Lhasa Apso mix who loves going on walks with excellent leash-manners. He is very loving, and would love to be seen with you walking him all over town! Go here to learn more about the handsome Conrad: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15892784?rvp=1

Buttercup – Cocker Spaniel I’m a little biased. My first dog and best buddy growing up was a cocker spaniel that looked very much like Buttercup. These dogs have stunning, curly shiny ears and a just as beautiful a disposition. Buttercup is getting better right now – she came from a puppy mill that forced her to stand on chicken wire flooring, so she has puncture wounds on her feet. She also has an appointment with the doggie-dentist soon to take care of some problems with her teeth. Despite her prior living conditions, she gets along well with pets and people! This lovely lady has been through a lot, and deserves a very loving home: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15647742?recno=5

If you can’t take home a new friend, local shelters would still love your time as a volunteer! Thats right – you can actually go and hug a bunch of animals – you win and so do they!  All photos via Petfinder.com

Have a lovely weekend everybody – it will be full of sunshine, so keep your minds and hearts bright!

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