“It’s crowded and cold in my secret life” – Leonard Cohen

WEtv (Women’s Entertainment TV) features a show called The Secret Lives of Women. Every episode has a theme which highlights three or four women living parts of their lives within that theme. I saw an episode on “Extreme Diets”, which featured:

  • a vegan, raw foodist
  • a calorie-restriction couple
  • a freegan
  • a religious, christian diet-plan creator

While a part of me is slightly annoyed that any of these people are labeled “extreme”, I realize that all of these diets are quite different from the standard American diet. Some people still have a hard time comprehending vegetarianism, let alone “freeganism”. I appreciate the show bringing to light some alternative lifestyles.

Gabrielle Brick – Raw Foodist
Gabrielle Brick is a proponent of eating only uncooked foods and teaches others the benefit of this diet on the body and mind.

Janet Kalish -Freegan

Janet Kalish leads a lifestyle which involves rifling through garbage for food. Freeganists “dumpster dive” for political reasons rather than out of necessity.

You can watch the entire show (sans commercials) on Youtube – search “secret lives of women, extreme diets”. It was interesting to be on the other end of learning about alternative diets for once!

New video tomorrow! Until then, have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on ““It’s crowded and cold in my secret life” – Leonard Cohen

  1. The dumpster diving for food is disgusting. How does she know why some foods were thrown away? She just assumes someone did because of the cracked eggshell. What IF those eggs had been left in the trunk and never put in the fridge? She could make her kids sick! I personally feel its a form of child abuse feeding your kids food that could be unsanitary. Remember that case of Ecoli w/ the spinach a few years ago? What if some of that food came in contact with fecal matter? It is trash for crying out loud. Just thinking about what she is feeding her family is making me feel really sick.

    • It’s certainly something that must be done at the discretion of the individual, uh, “diver”. That is also the reason so many places have to actually lock up their dumpsters – if someone were to get sick, there is a fear of being sued, etc… For me, the more prominent issue has always been how much food is wasted and thrown away that is NOT bad, but for legal reasons (like fear of sickness, etc.) it can’t be given to shelters or anything!

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