You’re so cheesy.

People often say the hardest thing about eating vegan is giving up cheese. I totally hear you.

But we know that cheese, whether we still consume it or not, is very fat-laden and quite simply not healthy. Regardless of our eating habits, it’s something we could all stand to consume less of. “But…. but… it’s so GOOD”, you say. And though there are many vegan cheeses that have gained popularity in the past year as being actually very tasty, they are still expensive and processed.

SO! You will be happy to know today I am presenting you with, drumroll please:


Seriously. Not only is it completely scrumptious and versatile, it is actually healthy and only has three (or four) ingredients. Think I’m lying? Try me.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

  • 1/2 cup raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • Tbsp. olive oil
  • *optional, but recommended – 1/2 Tbsp. white miso paste

Add all ingredients to food processor or blender, adding water in small increments until sauce is desired thickness. Salt to taste (you may not need any salt if you add miso paste). Recipe can be easily doubled or tripled for more sauce.

  • You can put this on practically anything! It goes great on steamed veggies, sandwiches and burgers, burritos, or if you’re really craving “comfort food”, put it on some whole wheat pasta for a very quick and creamy mac and cheese!
(My breakfast: steamed kale, sweet potato and black beans with THIS cheese sauce all oozy and yummy on top!)

If you make this, I’d love to hear from you (and see any photos of your delicious creations).

ENJOY! And, you’re welcome.

12 thoughts on “You’re so cheesy.

  1. oh oh i’m so gonna try this. and thank you! i’ll let you know what i think after i try. i’ve been trying vegan mac n cheese recipes and so far no keepers. maybe this sauce will be “the one.”

    • I have tried so many vegan cheese recipes, they usually call for an odd mix of soymilk and mustard and stuff… not completely awful in their own right, but not very, um, cheesy.

      This totally works. Not to be all TMI, but usually at the same time every month I make a gigantic bowl of pasta and slather this all over it and eat it all day long.

      • the same time every month? you mean, like when the rent is due or something? lol, you are funny! yeah, i’ve tried the ones with mustard and somehow it never tasted like cheese. go figure. i’m off to the store tomorrow for some cashews, and hope this will be the holy grail of vegan mac n cheese.

  2. I usually make a mustard based cheese type sauce, but I think I’m going to give this a try!

    More importantly, I find it hilarious that one of the automatically generated suggestions is steak with blue cheese sauce. just thought you might like to know.

    • Yes please try it, I had all but given up on homemade cheese sauce until I stumbled upon this gem.

      And, I did see that steak thing… sheesh! Haha. I can only hope this recipe gets suggested on that blog.

  3. Oooh this looks good. I have made the veganomicon mac and cheese before, and it is acceptable, but very complicated! I like a recipe where I’m likely to already have all/most of the ingredients…. like this!

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