How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never even tried it?

I have not one, but TWO videos for you! But I’ve also been the busiest bee and still need to edit. I cross my heart and promise they will be up over the weekend!

As for today, the sun is shining, it’s actually kind of warm, the snow is melting and splashing through gutter pipes everywhere. AND I got to do one of my very favorite chores/errands/joys… grocery shopping!

(This is the greens section of my local supermarket. If you aren’t familiar with yours, I urge you to get acquainted! There are so many goodies in here!)

Call me a total grandma if you’d like, but I love grocery shopping. I looove it. Not the kind you do when you’re in a hurry, but the leisurely strolls though aisles and produce bins, looking at the colors, imagining what things you could cook up. But the best part is trying something I’ve never tried before.

It’s my new mission that once or twice a week, I grab a few things I’ve never had (and in some cases, not even sure how to cook!). The great thing about cooking is if it doesn’t work out, no harm done. It can be a mantra applied to any area of life – try something new, do the best you can with it.

So today, my never-had-these-before choices were (going clockwise):  dandelion greens, a batata, a persimmon, and an asian pear.

The dandelion greens smell like it’s summer and someone just cut the grass. A refreshing smell, though I’ve never wanted to eat the front lawn. But cooked, they take on a different smell and flavor entirely. Not bitter at all.

The batata, and obvious root vegetable, is a word for “sweet potato” in many languages. And that’s what it tastes like when it’s cooked! More mild than an orange sweet potato, but certainly with that creamy sweet flavor. I bet this would be excellent made like mashed potatoes.

Still haven’t had the persimmon or asian pear. But I was going through some back issues of Vegetarian Times, and found an article on persimmons that describes them as having “a melony taste with tropical undertones and an almost astringent bite”. Oooh la la. Plus they’re my favorite shade of orange!

I sauteed the dandelion greens in some olive oil, garlic and seasoning. I cut the batata and some carrots in small pieces and boiled until tender. I piled these on top of the greens, and added some vegan “cheese” sauce (recipe tomorrow) on the top! It was delicious. So, so yummy and it looked pretty too!

I encourage you to find the wackiest, strangest looking produce and take it home with you. You can find recipe suggestions for anything online, or dress it up simply with a few seasonings and see what you think.

I remember it was only after I became vegan that a whole new world of fruits and vegetables opened itself to me! People ask “What do vegans eat?” and the answer is, a TON of stuff! Prior, I never had Indian food, vegetable sushi, or for crying out loud, an avacado! And these are all foods that now, after typing them out 4 seconds ago, have made my belly grumble in hunger.

Mom was right: just try it!

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