“A woman who writes thinks too much.”

My humble city has been making many great strides in terms of art, new business, progressive politics, eco-awareness and building community. It’s exciting to witness so much happening at all at once, like everyone called each other up and said “Hey guys, let’s just do this, okay?”  I am honored to be a part of it.

I wanted to mention two local bloggers that I have recently discovered and been inspired by. The first is Capri Roth, fellow cooking blogger, who runs a site called Not Like the Pants (“capri pants”, get it?) which I’m sure stems from people that think they’re clever when they meet her for the first time.

I met Capri years ago when I frequented punk shows, and she was always clever, poised and doing something interesting. Among other projects she is currently working on, Not Like the Pants is a vegetarian recipe blog with enviable photography and mouth-watering recipes. (Seriously, you will salivate.)

Perhaps we can all join forces and bat our eyelashes at her to cook us a feast. But in the meantime, head over to her site, and bring some napkins in case you begin to drool. You can find her in my blogroll, or by clicking here: http://notlikethepants.wordpress.com/

The second is Andrew Kleiner who runs Remember Kleiner, a local blog focusing on the eco-system, parks and waterways. Andrew contacted me recently about my own blog, and it’s been a pleasure to correspond with him about the direction of our city and the many efforts being made to develop awareness about important political and social issues.

His blog has caught the attention of local officials, including the Mayor of Allentown and the Director of Parks. If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, you’ll want to see what Andrew’s up to next. And if you’re not, you can still be inspired by the work he is doing which reminds us of the importance of nature and beauty.

In this recent video post which calls local citizens to join him for gatherings in local parks, Andrew says “”Experiencing nature together, as a community, is just as important as experiencing it by yourself.” Visit his site at: http://rememberkleiner.blogspot.com/

A new Save the Kales! cooking video will be up tomorrow – and it will be fast and simple!

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