The time of year for letting go.

It’s been snowing in Pennsylvania since 10pm yesterday. When I looked outside this morning, the sky looked like a big blank piece of paper, a theater set someone forgot to paint. In the evening I put on my boots and walked up and down Main Street, right down the middle, guessing where the yellow lines should be.

The snow has accumulated nearly 2 feet. Every object outside looks like its casting a reverse-shadow of itself, the shape is there but its bright white and exaggerated. Now when I look across the street, I can see neighbors watching football on TV while sitting on seperate sofas; making dinner and looking melancholy; typing on a laptop at the dining room table. All of us kind of estranged and alone, but in it together.


One thought on “The time of year for letting go.

  1. These photos are magical and your post is nothing short of a poetic.

    I’m glad someone else gets a kick out of taking a stroll down the middle of deserted roads. Snow-covered, or scorched from the summer sun, there is something thrillingly forbidden about the whole venture. (I’ve been known to do so down the middle of an interstate, ahhh!)

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